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People who begin a weight loss journey have different reasons and expectations. Some people need to lose a few pounds while others may need to lose hundreds. When you add different personalities and preferences into the mix it is clear why there are so many weight loss products, methods, programs, and books. Body Blast is a fitness studio with branches in Sickerville, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Body Blast offers four programs to target specific body concerns. These include fat loss, lean mass, muscle sculpt, and peak performance. The first step in determining the proper program for a client is an in depth survey designed to define goals. The second step gives the trainer insight into the clients lifestyle to find the program they will be most compatible with. The final step is choosing the right program and customizing it for the client. Finally, there is an online option as well as an onsite option.


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The Body Blast Team helps clients lose weight by educating them in nutrition and creating exercise plans and goals. The consultants have various expertise and training that are matched to the client’s needs. The company has an online support system where participants can input their daily meal and exercise information that their trainer will be able to see. The information is evaluated and daily and weekly suggestions are given based on progress and goals. Package rates range from $600 to nearly $2,500. Individual consultations range from $89 to nearly $600.


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  • Personal guidance and support.
  • Numerous before and after pictures.




  • Body Blast facilities are only available in two locations.
  • The program can be quite expensive depending on options.
  • Online option requires participants to locate an exercise environment.
  • Support inadequate for those who have trouble staying on a diet plan.




For dieters who live in the area and can afford the cost of a personal trainer, the Body Blast program may be worth trying. For those not in the area, but who want a personalized nutrition and exercise plan, and who are disciplined enough to follow through with those plans, an initial consultation would be a good way to evaluate the plan. Since the company does not require a long term commitment from clients, it is possible to try the program for a month and then move on if it does not fit your needs or goals. However, for people who have trouble with self motivation this program would not work as well because of the limited contact. For people who have struggled with weight loss this program, whether in person or online, Body Blast is probably not the best place to begin a weight loss journey.

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