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BodyTrim is a weight loss system that was created by Australian Dr. Vicki Hilliar and Geoff Jowett, also an Aussie, who is a personal trainer, a Sports Science graduate, and a successful business owner. Dr. Hilliar is a general practitioner and has her own private practice in which she counsels and sees patients with weight-loss problems. It was her clinical observation of her own patients and research that led her and Geoff to develop BodyTrim. Another partner in the BodyTrim team is Zoe Bingley-Pullin. She is a nutritionist and chef. She is a practicing nutritionist in Australia and has contributed to 100 recipes in the BodyTrim program.

Product Features

BodyTrim is an information product designed to teach you the 3 W’s of weight loss. They are:What to eatWhen to eat andWhy.There are 3 phases to BodyTrim: Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3. BodyTrim is compromised of CD’s, books, and cookbooks for you to use. There are also cookies they sell, ready-to-eat meals and protein powders.

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  • This product is based mostly on food consumption, not sweat equity. They aren’t advocating that you don’t exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle, but they are claiming that most of your success or failure starts and ends with what you are putting in your mouth.
  • If you don’t like to cook, you can order the ready-to-eat meals directly from the website.
  • Backed by research and doctor inspired information, you aren’t getting the system from just an entrepreneur who needs to sell stuff and sell it quick. It’s at least backed up by some knowledge of people in the fitness and nutrition industry.


  • You are paying a good price ($149.00) up-front for the system. This is a little pricey for the average person. You’ve got to be committed from the beginning.
  • If you want to purchase the cookies…they are almost $70 a package! This is an expensive treat.
  • There is a workout book, but it’s $169.00. Again, money is an issue. You’re total cost just for the CD package, the cookies and the workout book is well over $350.00. You better be prepared to stick to their plan.


We are all about eating right and making exercise a part of a healthy lifestyle. We just don’t think it takes breaking the bank to achieve it. All the doctor advice, personal trainer input, and ready-to-make meals don’t mean a thing if you can’t even purchase it to begin with. There is a lot of sound advice out there that you can get for much cheaper. Although this system does take the guess work out of your day, it doesn’t replace motivation…and that you can find on your own and it’s totally free.

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5 User Reviews about Body Trim

  • 1

    Terrible service. Uncontactable. Dont order and give them your credit card details as they keep taking money out and you cant contact them. Visa couldn’t stop them. Had to close Visa account. Finally contacted them – no refund and no complaints process!!!! Don’t buy.


  • 2

    My body couldn’t digest the protein I was taking and it made me dizzy, it gave me headaches, made me throw up. I Will never try do body trim again.


  • 3
    Janine Tilling

    Psid upfront on my credit card bank has informed me Bodytrim are taking $22.66 out of my bank every month. Have sent email to Bodytrim still no reply. Bank account closed!


  • 4

    I have only lost 2.5lbs (173lbs to 170.5) on the 1st phase of 3 days protein only. I weighed everything and drank the required amount of liquid…no cheating at all! Did the 10,000 steps. What happened? Am in my early 50′s and 5’6″.


  • 5
    Karen Priest

    The diet was very good in the first 8 -10 weeks or so.I was motivated, no matter what diet I was embarking on at the time. It was great to see some progress down the scales amost each day. That was motivating indeed. I lost 8kg. Not bad. But then I hit a plateau, and that was it. Also,the main meals weren’t the issue, it was having to have protein (meat,fish,egg)with a cup of coffee at morning tea. That, combined with being only about 4kg off my goal,I lost interest. I have put 4kg back on so I have retried it a few times since but I’ve lost that excitement.