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What You Should Know

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Body Wise is a nutritional supplement company that claims to manufacture some of the “highest-quality supplements currently available.” These products are created with pure and safe proprietary ingredients, and specially formulated to digest and absorb into the user’s body. The official website calls their products “advanced nutritional supplements.” There are user testimonials available on the website that include before and after pictures. All of the supplements offered through Body Wise are available online without a doctor’s prescription.

List of Ingredients

Body Wise makes Weight Management, Anti-Aging, Immune Health, Men’s Health, Essential Nutrition, Kid’s Health, Performance Nutrition, and Women’s Health products. Under the Weight Management section, you’ll find the supplement Elance Frappe which is a meal replacement supplement. The Elance Frappe product appears to be the only supplement offered that’s geared toward weight loss.

Product Features

Essential Vitamins (22), and a MyoFactor Complex (branched amino acids). These ingredients aim to build lean muscle mass, supply the body with nutrients it needs, and increase energy levels. There are no trans-fats found in Body Wise.

The one supplement they offer to address weight management, Elance Frappe ($60), comes in the form of a powder and can be made into an “enjoyable” beverage. The major ingredients in this product endeavor to aid in the fat reduction process by supplying the user’s body with energy while delivering ample whey protein to support muscle tissue. Unfortunately there are no clinical findings posted on the website.

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  • The Elance Frappe from Body Wise offers significant amounts of protein and vitamins to help the user potentially shed excess weight.
  • There are no known side effects.


  • The Elance Frappe supplements from Body Wise go for $60.
  • There are no appetite suppressants in the Elance Frappe supplement.


The Elance Frappe supplement is more like a protein shake/meal replacement than a weight loss formula. It’s important to pay close attention to the key ingredients, which are whey protein and the “MyoFactor Complex” when choosing a weight loss plan.

7 User Reviews About Body Wise

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  • 1

    I probably wrote in the wrong section. But i tasted bodywise years ago and i never forgot the product. One was choc and one vanilla one tasted great and the other was awful. i dont remember which was which but i would be interested in finding it again and any other good products you have. I am interested in Protein shakes and yeah maybe weight loss products too.


  • 2
    V Giffin

    At age 58, I lost over 21 pounds & 13 inches in 90 days with Body Wise’s protein meal replacement! They did reformulate their shake & I think it is delicious and makes me feel satisfied. I love the all natuural ingredients, 20 grams of protein, only 5 carbs, less than 1 gm. of sugar (sweetened with the mung bean), and 22 vitamins and minerals. They give suggestions of nutritious foods, drink lots of water, exercise and the protein meal replacementREALLY works! I can email you 3 pages of recipes to use with the protein powder. You would love them.



    I tried both the chocolate and vanilla years ago at a fair in Mpls. and one tasted awful but the other one was super delicious but i cant remember which one was the good one. Anyway i was so impressed with the taste since it was made just with water that i never forgot the product.Taste is super important to me so i would be interested in finding out what drink that was. also any of the other products by bodywise. I hope the formula hasnt changed but as long as something tastes good & is effective, i would like to try it. Aslo i was interested in the 3 pages of recipes from v griffin testimonial.


  • 3
    J Prose

    20 years ago, you were younger. It’s always easier to lose weight when your young. I had great success 18 yrs. ago, lost 35 lbs. & 6.5 in. off my waist. It’s all what you put into it. I plan on trying Body Wise again, specially since I have bad back. I can’t workout, but I have heathy way to lose weight.


    V Giffin

    I lost over 21 lbs. and 13″ with Body Wise’s protein meal replacement. One thing that helped me is to recognize the things that I need to avoid…for me it is cheese, bread and crackers. My no. 1 culprit is sugar and I feel like the Body Wise shake is a treat and helps me curb that sugar addiction. The all natural supplements go hand in hand and help, too. I take the AG Immune supplement and I haven’t had a cold or the flu in years. It’s really helped my immune system.


  • 4
    S Church

    About 20 years ago I used the Bodywise powdered drink mix along with their vitamin supplement and lost about 25 pounds. Over the years with weight coming back on I decided to go back to Bodywise and was disappointed as it had no effect. I believe the formula had changed. I don’t intend to try it again for weight loss.


    S Sun

    I used Bodywise in 1997 and lost 50 pounds. I tried Bodywise again in 2004 and found the shake to be different. I also believe the formula was changed. It just wasn’t the same product I enjoyed in 1997.


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