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What You Should Know

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Body Wraps come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations all designed to either help you lose weight or moisturize your skin. The various slimming body wraps have claims that they will be able to help you lose inches all over your body and reduce cellulite. We will take a closer look at these products to determine if they can live up to their claims.

List Of Ingredients

Depending on the Body Wrap you choose, there may be any number of ingredients in them. We recommend you take a close look at the individual body wrap you are interested in to learn more about the ingredients in that particular wrap. Wraps are most commonly made with seaweed and herbal extracts.

Product Features

Body Wrap kits are typically pieces of cloth you wrap around your body and wear for a certain amount of time. They claim to be able to help you lose weight, primarily through sweating it out. They also claim to provide an instant sliming look, to help you lose inches on your waist and other areas of your body instantly. In addition to these claims, they also claim to help firm your skin and get rid of or at least reduce the appearance of cellulite. It is important to follow the directions that come with the wrap exactly for best results. It is recommended to stay warm during the wrap to get the best results.

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  • The wraps are simply to apply and remove.


  • This requires no dieting or exercising, and therefore is likely only superficial weight loss.
  • Simply wrapping your body for a small period of time and sweating the weight away will not help with long term weight loss.
  • Not all wraps are created equally.
  • For best results, more than one wrap should be used.
  • Depending on where you get the wrap, it may or may not come with a money back guarantee.


The product claims to work by detoxifying the cells and removing harmful toxins from the body. They say wraps can be used for instant results, or in conjunction with diet and exercise to help produce long term weight results faster than without the wraps. Without clear information on the science behind them, we cannot recommend these products to you. This is more than likely just another gimmick product designed to earn money for the manufacturers and sellers. Instead of relying on a wrap for results, find a proven weight loss supplement and combine it with a balanced diet and a regular exercise program.

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