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The Bodyblade Pro measures 60 inches long and weighs 2.5 lbs. The fitness equipment can be used during cardio workouts or as part of an aerobic workout routine. In the center of the blade is a place for one or both hands. The user shakes the blade back and forth creating a positive and negative motion with the tension blade. A large number of muscle groups are used to stabilize the body. There are various levels of tension available from Bodyblade, but the Bodyblade Pro allows for variable resistance up to 34 pounds.

List of Ingredients

Bodyblade Pro (60in. x 2in., 1-34 lbs resistance), Pro/Classic Instructional Workout DVD and Exercise Wall Chart.

Product Features

The official website for Bodyblade explains how the blade works with instructional videos. The user holds onto the middle of the blade and uses a push and pull movement to shake the Bodyblade Pro. The tension setting forces muscles to contract during both the push and pull. If the knees are bent, tension moves into the upper leg muscles and gluteus muscles on the backside.

The Bodyblade Pro can be used as part of a yoga, aerobic or anaerobic workout or as a standalone piece of fitness equipment. Chances are dieters or beginners will have to start with a lower tension and work their way up, as the muscles grow stronger.

The majority of the muscles contracted when using the Bodyblade Pro are in the upper body. Upper body muscles are not the largest or strongest. Typically, weight loss workouts will utilize the largest muscles of the body to burn more fat – the upper leg muscles. While squatting slightly while using the Bodyblade Pro engages the upper leg muscles, when the user gets tired they are likely to stand up, disengaging the larger muscle group.

Using the Bodyblade Pro with lower body exercises creates another problem. Typically, there is a day of rest between upper body and lower body workouts, i.e… work the upper body on Monday, lower body on Tuesday, upper body on Wednesday and so on. With the Bodyblade Pro, upper and lower body muscles are worked simultaneously, which could leave the dieter working out less often and resting more.

The Bodyblade Pro sells for $159.00.

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  • Works multiple muscles at one time.
  • Sells directly from the manufacturer.


  • May be too difficult for beginners.
  • Works all muscles at once, leaving the dieter with fewer workout days.
  • May be confusing for some beginners.
  • Costs much more than a set of dumbbells.


The Bodyblade Pro is a unique fitness product with very little positive impact on weight loss. Cardio workouts should be completed three to five days a week with weight training alternating with strict cardio. Using the Bodyblade works out all muscles forcing the dieter to wait one day between each workout.

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