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BodyFlex is a weight loss program that promises you will lose inches. Distributors insist, however, that the success of the program is directly proportionate to the dedication of the customer. The manufacturer says that in two weeks, you can lose up to 14 inches on six different body parts. A full-length infomercial is available on the company’s website. The creator of the program has been extolling its benefits for more than 20 years, crediting deep breathing, isometrics, isotonics, and a 1,600-calorie menu plan for her customers’ success.

List of Ingredients

The program includes three videos, gym bar, a carrying bag, measuring tape, and a meal plan.

Product Features

The BodyFlex program costs about $40, plus shipping and handling. When you order online, the product is promised to arrive on your doorstep within 48 hours. The videos, all done from the couch, include getting started and toning up workouts. Deep breathing is coupled with an isotonic (exercise with fixed resistance) and isometric (exercises made without muscular movement) workout. A menu planner and reasonable eating tips round out the package, which can be purchased in two installments.

Greer Childers created the BodyFlex plan more than 20 years ago. Childer believes that most people never really learned how to properly breathe and that once customers learn deep breathing they will be pleasantly surprised by an increase in their natural energy level. Advanced workouts are available for customers once they have mastered the beginning workouts. Crediting the program for it’s inch-loss capabilities, Childers said she created the program after never being able to get lower than a size 14 or 16 despite aggressive weight loss efforts.

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  • The BodyFlex program is very low impact so almost anyone can do it.
  • This program is relatively cheap and retails for around $40.


  • This program recommends a 1600 calorie per day diet which can be very difficult for some people to follow.
  • There are no supplements included in this program.
  • This program seems primarily marketed for women so men may not be eager to follow this plan.


BodyFlex is a decent program that is aimed at older women and those who aren’t physically capable of taking part in a more physical exercise and diet program. Many of the workouts can be done while sitting on the couch so it may be a great program for disabled people as well. If this type of low impact program and calorie restricted diet seems right for you, you might have some good results after a few weeks but to really speed things up, you may want to add a weight loss supplement as well.

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    I have done Bodyflex several times over the last 10 years. I usually see results right away, but would lose interest and just quit. This time around, I looked at it not only as a way to slim down, but I was also looking for a way to decrease stress and felt the deep breathing techniques would help me. I started again on August 26, 2012, measuring myself every Sunday morning, which is the most exciting day of the week for me now! So far I have lost 39.5 inches over my arms, chest, upper abs, waist, lower abs, hips and thighs! I do the recommended routine 2 times a day, once in the morning before my 3 kids get up and once before dinner to energize me for the evening. I have even gotten a book on yoga to find a new move to add into my routine now and then. There have been some days when I have been too busy to do it twice, but I strive to find a way to at least do it once a day. I also have not changed my way of eating until last week because I wanted to see what the exercises would do on their own.