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Bodylastics is a fitness system that claims to offer the same benefits as more expensive and bulky home gyms and health clubs, but at a greatly reduced cost. Designed by Blake Kessel as a set of resistance bands for arm and leg exercises, the Bodylastics system has expanded to become a popular, versatile home gym alternative. The Bodylastics system states that it has the capacity to copy 140 popular health club exercises, allowing the user to customize routines according to skill level and preference.

The Bodylastics system uses elastic tubing and resistance bands, along with a series of clips, to offer the users a number of different levels of tension. The official website has customer testimonials from both ordinary people and pro-athletes to convince the consumer of its versatility and wide appeal.


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Product Features

The Bodylastics System offers the user a home gym product that is lightweight, less than 2 pounds, portable and it can be packed in a gym bag, and works all the key muscle groups (abs, legs, chest, arms and back) and is much more affordable than other popular systems available on the market today. By combining a series of elastic bands and tubes, the system uses tension to give the consumer results similar to free weights. The Bodylastics System comes in two different varieties. The Basic Tension and Max and includes a number of elastic bands to customize workouts. The cost for the Bodylastics system starts at around $50.00 plus shipping and handling on the official website. The manufacturers offer a variety of guarantees, including a Lifetime warrantee for parts defects and a visible results guarantee.

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  • The Bodylastics System is lightweight and portable.
  • Online and DVD instructional videos are available for use with the Bodylastics System.
  • The Bodylastics System shows users a variety of exercises for every muscle group.
  • There is a 100% money back guarantee for the Bodylastics System.


  • The Bodylastics System does not include cardiovascular exercise or a guide for sensible eating.
  • The system requires the user to invest in learning various exercises before they can perform a smooth workout routine.
  • The Bodylastics System does not include any aids to fight food cravings or suppress appetite.
  • A regular exercise routine will most likely lead to overall fitness, however some consumers may find the Bodylastic system too focused and time consuming as a weight loss option.


Bodylastics is a system that is more convenient and affordable than a lot to other home gym equipment currently on the market. However, it is an exercise system and not primarily a weight loss tool. There are no appetite suppressants or fat burners included to aid in weight loss. The user has to be determined and committed to the process of long term, regular exercise in order to see results and for anyone with a significant amount of weight to lose this system may prove too taxing for continued use. It is suggested that the user consult a physician before beginning a concentrated workout routine.

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5 User Reviews about Bodylastics

  • 1

    Bodylastics is a fantastic system with an even better website that offers thousands of workouts, programs, etc. This article is just totally ridiculous and misleading. Sure, lets take pills and avoid working out to lose weight. Good luck with that idea.
    Losing weight and staying in shape are life time events. You can’t just take a few pills every once in a while. You are promoting a total sham and paying heed to those that don’t have any motivation at all to help themselves.

    Also, the live website has hundreds of programs that do not need the resistance bands at all. Just use your own bodyweight.


  • 2
    bruno g.

    The bodylastics is a great product to build cardio and muscle gains if one follows the proper exercises as any other type of equipment. The main advantage is that with bodylastics it’s cheaper, more fun and easy to use and primarily reduce muscle injuries associated with free weight and machines. I strongly recommend it to anyone who’s wants to keep fit without the risk of injuries.


    Bruno G,

    It’s the best product on the market today to increase muscle mass, definition and lose weight if desired without spending endless hours in the gyms. The Bodylastics can be used anywhere, anytime, no more excuses for not getting fit. This is a 5 star product.


  • 3
    bruce l gehring

    great product give it an 4.5 stars


  • 4
    bruce l gehring

    You have mis informed the public with the disadvantages. I own the max tension bodylastics.ordered it on a sunday evening and it arrived wednesday afternoon. purchased in oct this year 2011. there is a free web site that is linked to the bodylastics called
    there you will find many exercise programs, including cardio, yoga etc. and a healthy eating plan . also the owners manual has an carido workout routine to help guide in a basic routine. since my purchase it took approximately two weeks to find an routine that works for me, this includes making an spreadsheet tracking my progress. I have ow in two months have an loss of 8 lbs, increase of strenth of 25%, stamina of 30%. am 52 yr male and am not affiliated with bodylastics, but do enjoy there product. appreciate you reading ..bruce in utah