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Editor's Review: 2.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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The original idea for BodyRev was designed by a Navy SEAL named Alden Mills. During his own Navey SEAL training he noticed many other SEALs in his platoon were suffering from injuries resulting from traditional weight lifting and repetitive free-weight lifting that put a lot of stress on a few isolated muscles. BodyRev itself was designed by Alden and co-founder Mark Friedman and other athletic professionals, including a kinesiologist to come up with the design that they decided on.

BodyRev is a piece of exercise equipment. This equipment is designed to have free-rotating handles and center loaded removable weights that range from 4 to 10 lbs. It is compact enough to store in a suitcase for traveling as well as with you to the gym. BodyRev links your arms and core together so you are working as many muscles simultaneously as possible. There’s no form to worry about because you grip it and go to work.

Product Features

BodyRev, like mentioned above, has free-rotating handles. It also has removable weights, ABS construction, and a compact size. It combines elements of Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi, and other free flowing low impact exercises to give you a maximum and effective cardio and strength training workout. The website discusses the importance of functional training. Functional training is all about working your muscles out in the same way we actually use them in everyday life.

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  • With its compact size, the BodyRev seems ideal for travel both to the gym and further.
  • Designed by a Navy SEAL, it should work.
  • Because you aren’t lifting traditional weights, your risk for injury goes down.


  • When we navigated the website, we couldn’t find a spot where we could just buy the BodyRev, not the new Rev8, which is a newer design.
  • You can’t try it before you buy it.
  • There doesn’t say there’s any money-back guarantee.


Easy to find and easy to operate home exercise equipment is always a great thing to find. However, trying to purchase this particular model of BodyRev didn’t seem that easy. However, to be designed by a Navy SEAL gives hold and a lot of weight and credibility to the usage and design of the product. However, like many home fitness equipment intentions, it’s more likely to end up being an awkward piece of art in your home that you aren’t quite sure what to do with. You’ve gotta use it to lose it, as the old saying goes…so you’ve got to be committed. The nice thing is that if you aren’t that committed, you didn’t break the bank to get there and you can move on without too much buyer’s remorse.

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