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The BodyRev Perfect Pushup promises that it will get users in shape fast. The makers of the Perfect Pushup say that it employs the techniques of “Functional Training” – a system used to train the elite US Navy SEALS – to engage the muscles of the upper body in the way nature intended and giving you more benefits from each repetition. By allowing the arms to rotate in the same way they would during a dumbbell press, The Perfect Pushup works more of the muscles in the chest, arms, shoulders, and back while providing a controlled and comfortable movement. According to the makers of The Perfect Pushup, this device will maximize your exercise routine to the point that you will see results in just 10 workouts.

Product Features

Developed by BodyRev company co-founder Alden Mills, a former U.S. Navy SEAL, the Perfect Pushup uses principles of biomechanics and engineering to help you to do effective push -ps in a comfortable manner that doesn’t strain your wrists and elbows. It also helps stabilize and strengthen the shoulder joint. The rotating handles allow your arms to function naturally when you do push-ups, allowing useres to engage more of the muscle in the arms, chest, shoulders and back. The Basic Perfect Pushup kit, which can be purchased on the official BodyRev website or other e-stores, retails for around $30.00. It includes two rotating push-up handles with rubberized grips and an eight inch base that is suitable for use on all floor surfaces.  The kit also includes a a 21-day workout planner and an exercise chart that teaches proper push-up form.

There are a few upgrade options of the Perfect Pushup available, including The Quick Start Kit and the Perfect Pushup Complete. These variations add additional workout DVDs and exercises, as well as some Yoga inspired techniques. The prices for the upgraded Perfect Pushup kits start at about $70.00 depending on the option you choose. There are no specific, measurable claims made as to the effectiveness of any of these products, and the manufacturer does not seem to offer any money back guarantee.

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  • The BodyRev Perfect Pushup is lightweight and portable.
  • DVD instructional videos are available for use with The BodyRev Perfect Pushup.
  • The online reviews from users of The BodyRev Perfect Pushup seem positive, although is should be noted that most seem to be from experienced exercisers.


  • The BodyRev Perfect Pushup does not include a cardiovascular exercise plan or a guide for sensible eating.
  • The system requires the user to invest in learning various exercises before they can perform a smooth workout routine.
  • Those who are significantly overweight, as well as some who do not regularly do upper body exercise, may find The BodyRev Perfect Pushup too difficult to use effectively.
  • The BodyRev Perfect Pushup only works the muscles in the upper body so it is not a complete workout.


The BodyRev Perfect Pushup is a new way for the user to perform a traditional exercise in a safe and comfortable manner. Push-ups have a reputation as a tried and true fitness staple. However, they are primarily for strength training and are not particularly effective for promoting weight loss. The user has to be determined and committed to the process of long term, regular exercise in order to see results, and a system based around push ups may not be a practical start for anyone with a significant amount of weight to lose. The Perfect Pushup is very specialized, concentrating specifically on upper body exercise, and it offers no nutritional advice.  The consumer looking to drop significant amount of weight may want to consider adding a diet aid that includes an appetite suppressant and a proven fat burner to their exercise routine in order to have consistent weight loss results. As with all fitness regimes, it is suggested that the user consult a physician before beginning a workout program with The BodyRev Perfect Pushup.

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    edward appelson

    Guys I need your advise Big Time.I really developed myself doing 6 sets of 40 regular perfect pushups a day for about 18 months but Im 62 and have a pacemaker and my cardiologist and my pacer docs agreed it could rub the lead insulation between the clavicle and first rib.So I decided to change to the 8 count bodybuilder exersize exclusivly and after another year of 4 sets of 15 8countbody builders a day and fantastic results I developed carpal tunnel syndrome from the handels!You just cant win I guess!Can you suggest maybe a way I can do the 8count bodybuilder set better to not aggrevate the carpal tunnel I do miss doing it so much and my body is weakening much since Im off it since july 4?