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The BodyRev fitness system is a new streamlined product from ActiveForever. Designed by former Navy SEAL and professional trainer Alden Mills, creator of The Perfect Pushup. This system promises to simplify and energize workouts by combining cardio and strength training together. The versatile nature of the BodyRev system is said to allow the user to work arms, core abdominal muscles, buns, and legs, and to get a great cardio workout at the same time. This one simple piece of equipment promises to cut workout times in half. The specially designed “free-spinning” handles and center-loaded weights claim to allow the user to move weight all around the body so that more muscles are involved for the best possible results. The manufacturers of the BodyRevFitness system maintain that their product is equal to those used daily in high end fitness clubs across the country. It helps the user burn fat and tone muscles more effectively than ordinary dumbbells and treadmills while at the same time it is lightweight and built to last.


According to its creator, Alden Mills, The BodyRev Fitness System’s purpose is to engage the maximum number of upper body muscles at one time. This action gets more muscles working together which means more calories burned and better toning. BodyRev aims to simplify workouts by combining cardio and core strength training together. As you raise your arms, stretch your legs or rotate your hips the spinning handles and weights of the BodyRev enable you to move weight around your entire body so you engage more muscles for maximum results. The BodyRev Essentials video provides the user with four different 15 minute routines that target key areas of your total body. BodyRev routines combine elements of Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and low impact movements, in this way BodyRev strives to provide a highly effective cardio and strength training workout at the same time.

The BodyRev Fitness System was nominated for the Sporting Goods Manufacturers’ Association “Product Of The Year” Award (a kind of “fitness Oscar”) in 2006. It comes with The BodyRev, a sturdy, curved oblong board with rotating handles, Dual-Purpose Weights for adjustment from four to ten pounds, BodyRev Essentials Video, the “New You” Meal Plan, and the Quick Start Guide with a 30 day Training Calendar. The BodyRev Fitness System can be purchased through a number of online sites such as or at the official website, for prices starting at around $90.00. The BodyRev Fitness System comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty against product defects.

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  • The BodyRev Fitness System is lightweight and portable.
  • DVD instructional videos are available for use with The BodyRev Fitness System.
  • The BodyRev Fitness System includes a 30 day structured training calendar.


  • The BodyRev Fitness System requires the user to learning various exercise sequences before they can perform a smooth workout routine.
  • The only test studies cited are for the use of the BodyRev Fitness Systmem AND an eating plan. There are no tests cited for the effectiveness of the equipment alone.
  • Participation in regular focused exercise like that done with the BodyRev Fitness System can lead to overall better fitness; however it isn’t specifically a diet or weight loss option and may not be effective for users looking to lose significant weight.


There are a number of new and innovative equipment designs on the market which allow the consumer to break free from the old routine of free weights and treadmills. The BodyRev Fitness System is one such product that offers the user a fun, compact workout in a limited amount of time. And while any routine that can break up boredom and encourage physical exercise can be beneficial to overall fitness, the user still has to be determined and committed in order to see results. In addition, it is important for the consumer whose specific goal is weight loss to note that studies attesting to the BodyRev system’s effectiveness include the addition of a sensible eating plan. The use of the equipment alone is not likely to serve as a weight loss tool. The consumer with a desire to see measurable weight loss may want to consider adding a diet aid that includes an appetite suppressant and a proven fat burner to their exercise routine in order to have consistent weight loss results.

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