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Body FX is a chain of Canadian fitness centers run by Delphene Balan, a certified personal trainer and competition bodybuilder affiliated with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association (AFLCA). Currently based around the Mayerthorpe, Alberta area, Body FX hosts a cardio room, a weight room, a kids playroom, free access to body fat percentage scales, a private shower room and even personal training from Balan herself. But these services aren’t cheap–single month use can cost anywhere from $47.00 to $55.00, which doesn’t include the expenses for Balan’s personal training sessions.


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Product Features

Body FX offers numerous options for people who want to get into shape, including private cardio and weight rooms. Although BodyFX does not specify what sort of weight or cardio machines are available, it appears the members at BodyFX approve of it, claiming it helps them exercise harder, resulting in faster weight loss.

People interested in bodybuilding may also opt for personal training with Balan, who previously won an award due to her exercise regime. It probably isn’t ideal for people who want to save money or focus just on weight loss, but people do report gaining more muscle as a result of her personal training. She may also offer advice about building lean muscle, which does not cost any money.

However, the price–and its limited availability in Canada–isn’t terribly convenient for people who need an affordable way to get exercise into their diet regimen, even with the available option for child daycare. Exercise videos–or better yet, home exercise equipment–may be more convenient for them.

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  • Body FX features many exercise options, including private cardio and weight rooms, and personal training sessions.
  • Personal training sessions are manned personally by Balan, a competition bodybuilder and certified personal trainer in both the United States and Canada.
  • Body FX offers a free child playroom for entertaining children while you work out.


  • BodyFX is only available in Canada.
  • The monthly fees are very expensive, nearly twice the price of other monthly gym expenses.
  • BodyFX may not be convenient for people with little time to spare (exercise videos may be more convenient).


Although BodyFX features more options compared to other public gyms, this upps the price, which may make it less than an ideal choice as a budget-friendly choice. Not all people may prefer exercising in public either, and may not address a person’s dietary needs. Still, people should not count out Balan’s expertise when it comes to bodybuilding–her reputation in the competition bodybuilding world is paramount, and she seems willing to help others achieve their fitness goals.

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