BodySense Diet Kit Review

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What You Should Know

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BodySense Diet Kit was created by Lorna Vanerhaeghe. Lorna Vanerhaeghe was once Editor-In-Chief of Healthy Living magazine in Canada. She has also authored several books such as Sexy Hormones and An A-Z Woman’s Guide to Vibrant Health. Her website doesn’t specifically say if she is any type of registered clinician or not.

Product Features

The BodySense Diet Kit itself is a combination of 2 separate pills that aid in weight loss. There is a Formula I, a thermogenic fat burner and also a Formula II, a carbohydrate blocker.


BodySense I – Thermogenic Ephedra Free Bitter orange (6% synephrine)150mgYerba mate (4:1 extract)200mgGreen tea (4:1 extract from 800mg raw tea)200mgCayenne 40000hu 100mgGinger root50mg  BodySense II – Fat and Carb Blocker Phase 2 white kidney bean extract250mgCassia extract (20:1 concentration from 1500mg)75mgGymnema Sylvester (25% gymnemic acids)50mg  Non-medicinal ingredients in BodySense: natural gelatin, purified water, rice powder, silicon, vegetable magnesium stearate.

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  • You can buy BodySense Diet Kit directly on line.
  • No chemical stimulants.
  • relatively inexpensive.


  • This system doesn’t appear to have been created by a clinician. We aren’t saying that Lorna isn’t qualified, but as far as we can tell, she did not receive a degree in nutrition.
  • This system seems to give the false sense of security that you can eat a diet of bad foods and still have them blocked and absorbed by a magic pill.
  • You buy this through a Canadian website, so all prices are listed in Canadian dollars.
  • Conclusion

    When possible, you always want to know you are buying the best product possible for the money you can spend. It seems today that everyone who writes a book has a line of vitamins. We aren’t saying anything as to the quality of this product, just that, like with all products you purchase, do your due diligence. Lorna discusses her passion for the supplement world and natural medicine due to her own personal experiences with a daughter who had a condition that normal western medicine couldn’t fix. This led to her studying and learning all about natural wellness. This is admirable. Take that with a grain of salt and make sure you know what you’re buying and who you’re buying it from. That being said, we do like that the product is stimulant free, is easy to purchase, and can be added to your daily routine without much struggle, unless of course, you don’t like taking pills. There is green tea extract in the Formula I. We recommend, as does the manufacturer, that you take this with food. Green tea can be upsetting to a sensitive stomach.


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