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What You Should Know

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BodySolution is an anti-cellulite cream that claims to reduce the look of cellulite in just three days. Cellulite creams do not burn fat, they dehydrate the spaces between fat cells to smooth the skin. Creams like BodySolution only work as long as the user continues applying the cream to the affected area. If the cream is no longer used, the spaces will fill with water and bumpy skin will return. Any claims of reduced inches and weight loss are completely false.

List of Ingredients

Coffea Arabica, Caffeine, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Almond Oil.

Product Features

The Coffea Arabica and caffeine are the main source of slimming in BodySolution. The caffeine in both ingredients is absorbed through the skin, pulling out excess water. When the space under the skin is dehydrated, the skin appears smoother, but that does not reduce the amount of cellulite located under the skin. Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Almond Oil are skin moisturizers. These have no impact on the smoothing of the skin or the slimming claims made by BodySolution.

There are three main products in the BodySolution line – Detoxifying Scrub, Cellulite Toning Cr

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