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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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The Bodytrace eScale wirelessly connects to the official website to track scale measurements. The official website also allows the dieter to track caloric intake and BMI. The base price is $69.99, which includes one-year of website access and the Bodytrace eScale. If the dieter wants to use the scale and website for more than one-year, they will pay an additional yearly fee. The FAQs section states that only one user can utilize an eScale at any given time. This means each person needs to pay the $69.99 fee and receive a free eScale to use the scale with the website. This could add up to quite a high cost. If another user steps on the scale, that weight and BMI of that person will be logged on the dieter’s progress log.

List of Ingredients

eScale, Yearly Subscription, Access to Website Tools.

Product Features

The BodyTrace eScale uses GSM (cell phone technology) to instantly transmit the scale reading to your personal page. The weight can be displayed on social networks, if that option is chosen from the account settings page. The scale is accurate to +/- 0.2 pounds and measures weight in 0.1-pound increments. Dieters can choose kg or lbs.

The BodyTrace eScale uses six batteries. The email address provided at sign-up will be notified when the batteries need to be changed. The scale will not transmit from locations outside the United States. In some rooms of the home, bathrooms specifically, the GSM signal may be too weak to transmit information so the scale is best used in the kitchen, living room or dining room. This could be a bit inconvenient as some dieters like to measure body weight without clothes.

After the first year, the dieter can choose to continue tracking weight loss on the official website for an additional fee. If that fee is not paid, the scale will continue to measure weight, the results will not be sent to your personal tracking page, however.

The BodyTrace eScale is covered with a 12-month guarantee against breakage or fault.

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  • The BodyTrace eScale conveniently tracks weight loss or weight gains.
  • The price is comparable to other digital scales, but also includes access to website tools.
  • Dieters can share weight loss on social networks.


  • A yearly fee is required to continue using the official website.
  • Tracking is not supported out of the country.
  • Only one dieter can use an eScale at any given time.


The BodyTrace eScale is a great option for dieters who want to track weight loss or weight gain without the trouble of writing down weight every day. The yearly fee is no more expensive than a high-end digital scale.

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