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The Bodytrim System is a product of IGEA Life Sciences Pty Limited, based in Australia. It was developed by Geoff Jowett, a Sports Science graduate and a former recipient of the Australian Personal Trainer of the Year Award Dr. Vicky Hillier, MBBS, FRACGP, a General Practitioner and weight management specialist. The Bodytrim system is an information product that focuses on guiding customers on the timing and type of foods to be eaten as directed by their program marketed as based on a time-tested easy-to-follow program. It emphasizes active participation in the program as well as lifestyle changes in regards to eating habits as methods for fast, permanent weight loss. The starter system consists of the Bodytrim Kit available through the company’s website for AU $149.00 and is currently seems to be only available in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. The official website provides telephone and email contact information for general and sales inquiries as well as a physical address.

List of Ingredients

Although supplemental items such as cookies and protein powders are available at the website and recommended for this diet system, the starter Bodytrim Kit does not include any consumable products.

Product Features

The lifestyle system is promoted as an informational product that guides the user through three phases of the program, ideally ending in a better understanding of one’s metabolism and ideal eating and exercise habits by implementing “the 3 W’s of weight loss: What to eat, When to eat, and Why.” The weight loss phase seems to emphasize the ability for each customer to personalize his/her goals to fit individual needs and claims the user will begin losing weight immediately, and be rid of cravings in three days. According to their official site, the system does not include any pills or specialty products as part of its program and thus presents itself as a safer alternative to other herbal or drug-based dietary aids. Furthermore, the dietary secrets and lifestyle tips will also provide increased energy and get rid of mood swings. Use of the online forums and Trim Club online support-system are also available and recommended, though obtainable only through an additional Trim Club membership fee.

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  • The system features an easy to follow starter kit.
  • The program is marketed as customizable to fit various lifestyles and body goals.
  • Diet personalization and personal goals are considered for each customer.
  • Bodytrim is a lifestyle diet system that may be a safer alternative to other herbal or drug-based dietary aids
  • The official website states the company provides a 30 Day no-risk 100% money-back guarantee.


  • It requires a substantial initial financial commitment.
  • Bodytrim is a lifestyle diet system that does not provide supplemental alternatives such as herbal or dietary aids to enhance a user’.
  • Premium features, such as Trim Club forums and support, incur additional costs.
  • Some testimonials suggest this program may not be best suited towards customers looking to lose a substantial amount of weight.
  • A few customers have found obtaining a refund through their money-back guarantee problematic.


Although the official website provides various testimonials of consumers claiming great results, the Bodytrim system requires a substantial initial financial commitment. Time must also be dedicated to meal planning and the consumer is required to adhere to a limited diet, however the amount of physical activity recommended seems to be minimal. The system is likely to be best suited for the dieter looking to make serious lifestyle changes in those areas.

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  • 1

    I am on a number of different medications so I need to know if taking these tablets will interfere with prescription medicines.
    I cannot find any information regarding any side effects,
    Thanks Shirley


  • 2
    PIssed off

    Don’t sign up for this programme, they’re a bunch of idiots who don’t understand the words ‘I would llike to cancel my membership’!!! They deducted just over $200 from my account after I quite clearly requested cancellation. Perhaps they would be better off investing money into the quality of their customer services skills rather than trying to sell a programme that is to put it politely – ‘crap’


  • 3

    Honored the purchase of this high protein model diet that is not unique. But the real catch is the silent sneaky monthly debit for support. 4 weeks free then BAM – direct debit forever unless you stop it. In our case my wife used a dormant Credit Card, didn’t check it for 8 months (don’t get paper statements anymore) and $250.00 gone for no service/support, no notification, no phone calls. Just realise that this organisation is a sales one that rely’s on recurring revenue and sometimes slackness on the customers part. Even offered to go halves with the charge; wouldn’t budge – said its all in the fine print. Also a good way to see who your dealing with is to ring the support phone number first, If your on hold for 15 minutes or more which I was you know; then ring sales number- TWO RINGS!!! Thanks Geoff enjoy Christmas with my hard earned money.


  • 4

    I bought bodytrim pack in 2009 and found online support so beneficial from Australia. Very disappointed that support has now to be paid for in EU system and no way to contact them anymore. No one has answered my e mails!!



    I’m not surprised Hash I had exactly the same problem. These guys are wrip offs.


  • 5

    Where can I purchase inNZ please… I had an article with a NZ number on but have miss placed…Thanks for the help



    Make sure you read the fine print or you will get caught out if you want to return it or want a reimbursement for what they company so calls a consultancy fee each month NZ$31.26 rip offs don’t be scammed make sure you know what your buying.


  • 6
    Helen Watt

    Hi, Do you have to take avesil with this diet and how much does it cost to take part in this diet? thanks Helen