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One of the most popular exercise systems today is the method known as Pilates. Created by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900′s as a way of connecting mind and body with a focus on strength and balance, the movement has grown to reach hundreds of studios around the world. Bodywave Pilates in Westlake Ohio is one of those studios.

The mission of the Bodywaves Pilates studio is the enrichment of the body and mind. This goal is said to be accomplished through a program which contains 500 unique exercises, using both specialized equipment and the body’s own weight and balance. According to the staff at Bodywaves Pilates, this intense program will help you “feel better in 10 sessions, look better in 20 and have a new body in 30.”

Product Features

Bodywave Pilates studio in Westlake Ohio, offers a comprehensive Pilates based program. A one hour initial consultation is offered at a cost of $60.00 to determine the new client’s fitness level, discuss personal goals and plan the direction of the client’s fitness routine. There are a variety of classes and workout combinations available to those attending the studio. Bodywaves Pilates offers both group and private classes, mat classes and those done with the aid of a Reformer (a fitness machine designed especially for use in Pilates technique). Among the benefits offered to those who practice Pilates are greater flexibility, stronger core stability, better posture and improved circulation. The studio clearly outlines what to expect form classes and emphasizes that it is not a weight loss technique, a refreshing bit of honesty from the exercise industry which sometimes confuses achieving fitness goals with experiencing weight loss. For anyone living in the Westlake Ohio area who is interested in learning more about Bodywave Pilates, they have an official website which is very clear and informative regarding fees and services.

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  • Bodywave Pilates offers a full range of services for the beginner and the more seasoned Pilates devotee.
  • Pilates as an exercise form has a reputation for building strength and balance.


  • Bodywave Pilates can be expensive, with private sessions running close to $60.00 an hour.
  • There is only one Bodywaves Pilates Studio, in Westlake Ohio.


In the last few decades the field of Pilates has seen a huge surge in popular appeal. This has lead to numerous Pilates based classes being offered in health clubs, dance studios and in the creation of whole centers focused on the Pilates technique. Bodywave Pilates is one such center. There is good reason behind the staying power of Pilates as an exercise form. Devotees from professional dancers to housewives find it to increase strength and stability and to lengthen and enhance muscles. However, aside from its ability to promote the growth of lean muscle mass, Pilates does not have the same reputation for aiding in weight loss that concentrated cardio training has. And neither is a form that will aid in fighting food cravings and suppressing the appetite, important factors in the success of any serious weight loss regiment. For the serious dieter who is practicing a form of exercise, there are pills and supplements which can greatly boost their chance of weight loss success. The consumer should look for a product that has a reputation for results, backed up by clinical research. That product should contain a proven fat burner and appetite suppressant. It is wise to also consider whether there is any 100% satisfaction guarantee attached to the product, as that is evidence that the manufacturer stands behind its product.

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