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Bodyweight Burn is a rather confusing program with three names. The initial name is Bodyweight Burn, but the Facebook page is listed as Bodyweight Exercise and the program is listed as Bodyweight Fat Loss. If the dieter is looking for one simple program, it may not be the program that lives in three different places online. We also found that the program is FREE, according to the splash page. FREE if you give the company your email address and in a world of Internet marketing, that email address is not going to be reserved for the delivery of your FREE program. There is a sales pitch at the end of the FREE Bodyweight Burn program and when you give the company your email address you are also giving them the ability to contact you and, potentially, give your email address to other companies or even other divisions within the same company all with the click of your mouse.

List of Ingredients


  • Free workout and diet program.

Product Features

According to the information provided by Bodyweight Burn, you can lose 21 pounds of fat in just 12 weeks by optimizing your diet and exercise program. If that information was new we would be jumping for joy, but watching just one season of the Biggest Loser kicks that idea in the butt. Contestants on the show lose 100 pounds or more in less than 12 weeks, so you can do it without some special program and lose more in less time – but the fight is hard and it takes more than 21 minutes of exercise a day – as suggested by the Bodyweight Burn program.

The Bodyweight Burn program is made up of the Carb-Synch Diet, BW3 Workout System and other free eBooks. Despite the message that the Bodyweight Burn program was free on the first page of the website, you have to pay $67 for the complete program. The FREE portion advertised is a Starter Kit. The sales pitch you will find in your email address we mentioned earlier, is the $67 program. The idea is to give you enough information to help you lose a little weight and then convince you to purchase the full program.

Dieters must remember that the first few weeks on a new program often lead to weight loss. This is the time when you will feel like purchasing the full program to see just how much you can lose. But, it is a better idea to wait longer to see if you can stick with the program longer than a few weeks before shoveling out $67.

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  • The program uses body weight instead of gym equipment.
  • You can gain access to a free starter kit.


  • The company and program goes by multiple names.
  • The free program is not the full program – the website is confusing.
  • There are no details about the weight loss diet.
  • We could find no real life testimonials.


Bodyweight Burn may be the answer to some dieters questions, but the fact that the program is 100% virtual and goes by three different names, not including the Carb-Synch and BW3 System names, is a little confusing. The free starter kit is nothing more than a bonus designed to give the company your email address in an attempt to sell you the full system at the $67 price.

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