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Bojenmi Slim Tea claims to be one of the most popular products in China. This traditional Chinese medicinal tea has been used for 20 years to assist in weight reduction and in the promotion of beauty and health. Indeed, the name “bojenmi” means “slim and beautiful”.

Following the philosophy that good digestion breeds good health, the makers of Bojenmi Slim Tea promise that its 12 ingredients combine to work on the four areas which doctors traditionally highlight in the pursuit of weight reduction. These four “therapeutic focuses” which are supposedly treated by Bojenmi Slim Tea include enhancement of digestion, helping with the removal of accumulated fluids and phlegm, increasing the removal of stored fat and providing better elimination of the body’s waste products. Bojenmi Slim Tea is also supposed to lower cholesterol and improve blood pressure.


Hawthorn Fruit , Barley Sprout, Morning glory Seed, Patchouli herb, Hoelen Mushroom, Citrus Peel, Alisma, Senna Seed, Red Bean, Fermented Wheat with Artemisia Herb and Radish Seed.

Product Features

Bojenmi Slim Tea is one formula in the current fad of Chinese teas and herbal products claiming to promote both weight loss and general health benefits. The recommended dosage for Bojenmi Tea is to steep two teabags at a time and drink three times daily. The tea is mild, similar to ordinary black tea, with a slight spicy taste. Among the benefits promised by the makers of Bojenmi Slim Tea are reduced bloating, improved metabolism, weight loss and the elimination of unnecessary fat for the body. It should be noted that Bojenmi Slim Tea does not actually contain tea. Its combination of ingredients include Hawthorn Fruit which purports to aid in digestion by ridding the body of greasy fats, Citrus Peel which claims to provide an energy boost, Barley Sprout which is said to soothe intestinal cramping, and Cassia or Senna Seed which is known to be a mild laxative. It is important to note that there is no clinical research to back up the statements that the combination of herbals in Bojenmi Slim Tea does any of the things it claims to do. Bojenmi Slim Tea does not have an official website and there is no information available on the manufacturers. The tea is sold on a number of herbal websites at a very reasonable price, a box of 20 bags can be found for around $8.00 or $0.40 per bag, but there do not appear to be any return policies or money back guarantees to be found.

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  • Bojenmi Slim Tea does not contain caffeine.
  • The herbal ingredients in Bojenmi Slim Tea have been shown to soothe the stomach.
  • Bojenmi Slim Tea is an inexpensive herbal tea.


  • There is no clinical research to back up the claims made by Bojenmi Slim Tea.
  • Bojenmi Slim Tea contains a laxative ingredient that may have an adverse effect on some consumers.
  • There are no trial samples or money back guarantees offered for Bojenmi Slim Tea.


Bojemni Slim tea is a traditional Chinese herbal tea which could be a nice option for those seeking an alternative to caffeinated black teas. It is likely to help soothe the stomach and as tea drinkers know, the warm beverage can often supply a calming effect. However, Bojenmi Slim Tea is not really a serious weight loss option for dieters. While the ingredients are safe overall, nothing in the formula of Bojenmi Slim Tea has been proven to burn fat or cut food cravings. The serious dieter will want to look for a product with proven fat burners, a metabolism booster and an appetite suppressant, backed up by clinical research and customer testimonials. They would also be wise to seek either an offer to sample the product before purchase or a money back guarantee.

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31 User Reviews about Bojenmi Slim Tea

  • 1

    Wow it really works im happy with my tea thank u


  • 2

    RDoes anyone know wher to buy this tea in The United States or Albany, NewYork?


  • 3

    Superstore has stopped carrying Bojenmi tea. Doea anyone know where to buy it in Canada?



    you can find it at a chinese herbal store in any China Town. I found it at Bao Shin in Edmonton


  • 4

    If you are in Canada Superstore has these in the Oriental food aisle and yes it is absurdly cheap for $1.50 you can get a package of 20 bags!!! $33 is a total rip off try to finds someone you know in Canada to send you these because it is super cheap for us here!! Good luck!!


  • 5

    Bojenmi Tea really does work! I have been drinking it on and off since 1990….I have just recently started drinking it again, as the weight has crept back on over winter. I have asked myself why I ever stopped drinking it. Now I have a challenge to be ready for summer! I love it so much am enjoying drinking it again. So excited, looking forward to re releasing slim me again! In New Zealand it sells for $3.99 @ Asian Food Stores(if they don’t have it ask for them to get it in) It is sold as Tea Bags In a box of 20…or you can get it in a Tin as leaf. Address on tin Fujian Provincial Medicines & Health Products Xiamen Import & Export Corporation… Happy Slimming!


  • 6

    please does anyone know where i can buy Bojenmi tea in uk or italy.



    Bought it yesterday in Chinatown (London)
    £.2.99 per box. Bought it once in Italy from my local Pharmacy. I believe importers are in San Marino.


  • 7

    Does anyone know where I can buy Bojenmi tea in India they are not taking orders to India in Amazon/chinese herbs and the one which they are taking they are charging $76


  • 8

    This is funny I was dieting had lost 22lbs on the HCG diet . I quit due to some health issues . Fell completely off the diet wagon. My 80 yr. old mother sent me a box of Bojenmi tea . Said “Honey its tasty and good for your skin !” I figured why not ? Low and behold , Kept eating like a pig ! But gained no weight back ? So I figured (after a week or two) i better find out what was in my new yummy Tea ! LOL Im convinced it must help to at least maintain a weight ! I going back to a healthier way of eating and believe Bojenmi and I are going to be friends a good long while !( She bought it at a chinese herb store in Vancouver, WA.)btw Thanks Mom ! Peace ;)


  • 9

    How absurd of them to say all that the tea is really good. Ironic after all of that they advertise something that is probably loaded with preservatives…people I am not chinese but take a long look at how long those people live and determine if the tea is worth gaining great health without any side effects. Think about it people.



    Chinese people are healthier and live longer than any other race in the world.


  • 10

    in australia you can find it in the heath food shops and they sell it for $3.50


  • 11

    Does anyone know where I can buy Bojenmi tea in Australia as the US mail order site I found are asking $33 for postage and handling!



    U can buy it from chinese grocery.available in noble park near the station



    I think majority of Asian grocery stores sell it. Very cheap too. I bought it in a Asian Grocery Store in Adelaide China Town for about $1.50 Tastes heaps nice… I am wishing I had of bought two boxes of this tea now, as I can see myself drinking quite a lot of it.


  • 12
    asoh blessing onyotu

    i want to be a bojenmi distributor in nigeria .how can i order the product.and how do i pay for the product?


  • 13

    i love this tea .i have taken it for a few days and i feel better over all and have more energy and go to the bathroom more often.


  • 14

    i have been taking this tea only for a couple of days and my energy and over all well being has improved .and it does make u got to the bathroom more often.i love it


  • 15
    susan Ng

    Does anyone know where in Honkong l can buy this tea , l havr brrn asked to sourse it here for a f riend with high blood pressure
    Thank you


  • 16

    The reviewer is mistaken when saying that none of the ingredients have been proven to help with weight loss. All herbs in the Chinese herbal pharmacopea can be found in the following textbook, Chinese Herbal Formulas and Applications by John and Tina Chen. The herb monographs mention many studies, and it would be worth looking up each ingredient learn about studies which back up the weight loss claims. The notion of weight loss is approached from a variety of directions through the combination of herbs contained in this tea.


  • 17

    this tea is good and does help in weight loss. i did not change my diet, i still pig out, i DO NOT EXERCISE and i still lose weight drinking this tea!


  • 18

    in canada it can be found a the super store


  • 19

    If you live in Canada, Superstore sells it for 1.49 a box


  • 20
    C.J. Bertran

    $8.00 for a box of 20? You can buy it at just about any Asian market for about $1.00 per box.



    C.J.Bertran – where can I find a market to purchase it??



    In Brooklyn amd NYC, China town.



    I get mine in chinatown for $2.50. I live in Oakland CA. My friend lost 45 lbs. This was is main dietary change. She loves fast food and still occasionally eat it. No regular exercise. I have bee taking it foe less than a week. I like it. I makes me feel better.


    does it really work? will it make you go to the restroom alot?


    Your Name




    I stumbled across this tea at No Frills (related to Superstore) b/c I was looking for a ‘green’ tea that doesn’t taste so bitter. I drink it instead of coffee in the mornings now!