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What You Should Know

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Boladrol is a muscle building supplement from PHF Supplements. The supplement contains no fat burners or stimulants and should be taken in the morning and evening. The official PHF Supplements website lists a brief description of the supplement, but the description is made up of claims that are not backed with clinical research – as none is listed to support these claims. The company claims the supplement will increase strength and muscle mass. There are no testimonials listed in the product description, so the visitor has no idea if real life users have gained muscle or strength while taking Boladrol.

List of Ingredients

7, 17a-dimethyl-androsten-3, 17-diol.

Product Features

Many bodybuilding supplements are chemical formulations derived from pro-hormones. Companies pay chemists to alter the structure of the pro-hormone or other illegal bodybuilding supplement and create a new ingredient that is not banned. These ingredients are not tested before being shipped off in a shiny new bottle with a creative name. Boladrol is a chemical formulated from Bolasterone. Bolasterone is a steroid that is illegal, but when chemists alter the structure, it is no longer the same chemical and thus it is no longer illegal.

The best place to find information on new bodybuilding supplements are bodybuilding forums. We found a thread that introduced Boladrol to bodybuilders and the reaction was less than stellar. According to many lifters, the compounds in Boladrol would increase estrogen, much like steroids and cause gynemastia and other negative side effects. We looked into the chemical formula further and found some strong support of this claim. The chemical may convert to estrogen in the body and thus cause similar side effects to steroids.

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  • Boladrol is legal and available online.
  • The chemical compound may increase muscle mass and strength.


  • May convert to a steroid in the body.
  • Not received well by the bodybuilding community.
  • Not designed to support weight loss or cutting.
  • May cause negative side effects.
  • Not enough, or any, clinical testing.


Boladrol is not the ideal supplement for bodybuilders. Companies strive to recreate legal prohormones by altering prohormones and steroids in lab. The results could be very dangerous as most of the supplements are not fully tested before they are released on the open market. Boladrol does not receive the big push from bodybuilders because of potential negative side effects. The supplement is designed around Bolasterone, a steroid, and that means the supplement could have the same potential side effects as a steroid.

Dieters should choose a product that increases metabolism and reduces hunger and Boladrol will not achieve either of these effects. We suggest bodybuilders and dieters choose a product that is clinically tested and safe.

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