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The Bollywood Booty by Hemalayaa is a workout DVD that focuses on toning and sculpting the backside. There is no official website for the video, but it is sold through with a detailed description and plenty of customer reviews. Most of the reviews are positive, but there are a few negatives mentioned along the way. The Bollywood Booty is not an extreme workout DVD, so the dieter will not spend an hour working out with sweat dripping in the eyes, but it is a toning, sculpting workout with lots of smiles and fun. Hemalayaa uses voice over for the Bollywood Booty workout. This means the instructor and back-up dancers complete the movements fluidly without having to stop for instructional purposes.

List of Ingredients

45-minute workout DVD.

Product Features

The Bollywood Booty affectionately refers to the backside as the “boo-tay”. The DVD is broken up into four sections plus a warm-up and cool-down. Followers are encouraged to complete the entire video, but each section can be watched independently to create a shorter workout for days when time constraints threaten a workout.

Many of the moves used in Bollywood Booty incorporate hip flicks and waist movements in an attempt to work the “boo-tay”. However, customer reviews state the instructor missed the boat with these moves, as they do not effectively concentrate on the gluteus muscles. Many of the movements combine upper and lower body with leg, hip and arm movements creating a Bollywood dance move.

The Bollywood Booty DVD sells for about $15. The DVD does not require fitness equipment to complete and it requires very little space to workout. There are some jumping moves in the workout, so apartment living may require altering these movements.

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The Bollywood Booty DVD is fun.

The program is broken into individual segments.

There is a warm-up and cool-down provided.

The price is comparable to other dance workout DVDs.


  • May not target the backside as the title claims.
  • Customer reviews state the workout is light, which may mean not fast enough for some dieters.
  • No official website for Bollywood Booty or other videos.


The Bollywood Booty is one in a long line of Bollywood Dance workout DVDs with Hemalayaa. The Bollywood dancer attempts to incorporate booty building moves with fun and easily dance steps. The program is ideal for all fitness levels, which makes this a great choice for every dieter. There is no dedicated eating plan, so the dieter will need to incorporate healthy eating with the workout DVD to ensure weight loss. Bollywood Booty may not increase heart rate. The dieter may have to incorporate other forms of exercise to achieve weight loss goals.

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