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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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The Bollywood Dance Workout with Hemalayaa was released in 2006. The video infuses the art of Bollywood dance with fat-burning moves to increase weight loss. The program is tailored for every fitness level, so all dieters can take part in the Bollywood Dance Workout without worrying about extreme moves and programs that are too difficult for beginners. There is no official website for the Bollywood Dance Workout, that we could find, but the sales page on offers a detailed description of the program and customer reviews.

List of Ingredients

50-minute Bollywood Dance Workout.

Product Features

The 50-minute Bollywood Dance Workout is broken into several segments. The DVD starts with a warm-up. Warm-ups prevent the body from injury during exercise. Next, there are several workout segments with dance moves taught along the way. Between dancing segments, there are bouts of floor exercise. After the workout is complete, a yoga-inspired cool down finishes the Bollywood Dance Workout. The follower can choose from various audio options, including music with instruction or music only.

Reviews of the Bollywood Dance Workout are phenomenal. Dieters mention the program is simple to follow with easy to master instructions. After the instructor goes through a move, the back-up dancers repeat the move several times, making each move easier to learn.

Individual moves are gathered together into a Bollywood Dance Workout based on hip-hop and traditional Bollywood dances. Some customer reviews complain about the flow of the moves. Dancing DVDs for fitness need to flow smoothly so followers don’t get confused and miss steps along the way. If the Bollywood Dance Workout does not flow well, the follower may find they are spending more time watching and less time dancing.

The Bollywood Dance Workout is priced about $12 for a DVD.

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  • Dance is a fun means of working out.
  • The DVD is fun and enjoyable, based on customer reviews.
  • The price is less than many popular dance workout DVDs.


  • The moves do not flow well together.
  • The instructor may move too quickly through instruction at some parts.
  • Background dancers are out of sync with the instructor.
  • Difficult to follow.
  • Moves change dramatically without warning.
  • No official website.
  • No official testimonials with before and after photos.
  • No money-back guarantee.


The Bollywood Dance Workout with Hemalayaa incorporates fun and exciting dance moves to create an enjoyable workout. There are reviews on both sides of the fence with some dieters loving the workout and others believing it is a waste of money. There is no mention of a diet plan included with the video so the dieter will need to change eating habits for optimal weight loss. There is no mention of how many calories are burned during the Bollywood Dance Workout.

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