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What You Should Know

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Bolt Me Up is a caffeinated supplement from the Magnum company. The company claims the power of the supplement is similar to that of a 357 Magnum, the gun, which is not a strong selling point for us. When it comes to energy supplements, stronger simply means more caffeine in most cases. Taking too much caffeine can lead to racing heart beat, chest pains and extreme nausea. Prolonged use of caffeine can also lead to caffeine addiction and subsequent caffeine withdrawal if the dieter chooses to stop taking caffeine.

We did not find Bolt Me Up on a official website, but that is not surprising. Many companies formulate and sell energy supplements without an official storefront at all. They simply order a product from an outside company that specializes in supplement creation and bottling and then sell the supplement to convenience stores.

List of Ingredients


  • Vitamin C
  • Caffeine

Product Features

With a little searching we were able to find a picture of the ingredient label for Bolt Me Up. The ingredient label reads two ingredients, vitamin C and caffeine (200 mg). The majority of the label is made up of a warning for users. The warning is quite accurate. It lists nervousness, sleeplessness and rapid heartbeat as possible side effects.

There are plenty of clinical studies proving that caffeine increases mental focus, energy and metabolism, but those studies do not make this supplement and others like it any safer for dieters sensitive to caffeine. Ideally, a weight loss supplement would supply enough caffeine to boost energy without causing negative side effects – Bolt Me Up offers more than twice that amount.

There are some skeptics when it comes to lower caffeine doses. Sure, the world is consumed with caffeine consumption. We drink coffee to get the day started and coffee after dinner. We drink energy drinks throughout the day and then we want to turn to caffeinated supplements for weight loss and more energy. If you consume a LOT of caffeine you may take Bolt ME Up and feel nothing at all – no increased energy and no side effects, but that would mean your body is used to extreme doses of caffeine and that is a problem in and of itself.

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  • Ingredients are listed online in label format.
  • The caffeine in the supplement will increase energy and metabolism.


  • The lack of appetite suppressant could mean increased hunger.
  • The product is not specifically for weight loss.
  • The warning label is longer than the ingredient label and product description.
  • Caffeine-sensitive dieters should skip this product.


We review hundreds of supplements each week and this ingredient list could appear on any of a thousand supplements. Caffeine is the go-to ingredient for weight loss supplements and energy products. You take caffeine and it works on multiple levels and it is proven clinically, but caffeine can only do so much – the dieter needs to put in the time and effort to lose weight.

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