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How much weight can you lose if you go bonkers? That’s the question posed by the maker’s of Bonker’s Super Skinny Tea. This ultimate diet tea uses a formula called BPT-Lean, a unique dietary supplement which is formulated with the most effective ingredients to increase your weight loss efforts. The manufacturers of Bonker’s Super Skinny Tea claim that BPT-Lean is the ultimate dieter’s formula because it contains yerba mate which is so rich in nutrients that it suppresses the appetite and boosts energy levels. This diet tea is said to be loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants to keep your body healthy, strong and energized while the pounds melt off. With Bonker’s Super Skinny Tea, the maker’s claim that weight loss is assured.


Roasted Yerba Mate, Peppermint Leaves, Lemon Peel, Green Tea Extract (50% De Egcg, 95% Polyphenols), Citrin K, Gymnema Sylvestre and Stevia (Dietary Supplement).

Product Features

Super Skinny Tea is the weight loss formula from Bonker’s International Teas. The Super Skinny line of teas comes in four flavors including Ginger Peach, Lemon Peppermint, Orangesicle, and Ultra Chai, so the consumer has a variety of choices to keep the boredom at bay. The main ingredient of Bonker’s Super Skinny Tea is a roast of yerba mate, an herbal compound grown in the wilds of South America and popular for its energizing properties. Of its other ingredients gymnema sylvestre is shown to have some effect in balancing blood sugar levels in people with diabetes and Citrin K may help control appetite, but neither has the reputation of being the most effective diet aid available on the market today. Bonker’s Super Skinny Tea, which can be purchased on for around $5.00 a box, does not come with a money back guarantee and there do not appear to be any offers of free samples from the manufacturer.

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  • At about $0.25 per bag Bonker’s Super Skinny Tea is a good value for herbal tea.
  • There are a number of flavor options available with Bonker’s Super Skinny Tea.
  • The ingredients is Bonker’s Super Skinny Tea are helpful for general health and considered to be safe.


  • Bonker’s Super Skinny Teas does not contain any proven fat burner.
  • There is no research offered to show the effectiveness of Bonker’s Super Skinny Tea as a weight loss aid.
  • A number of online reviewers report no weight loss results with Bonker’s Super Skinny Tea.
  • There are no free samples or money back guarantees offered for Bonker’s Super Skinny Tea.


Bonker’s Super Skinny Tea may be a nice option for people who enjoy herbal teas, but it does not seem to offer any significant weight loss benefits. While the tea does seem to be a good antioxidant drink and does have some good natural health ingredients, it does not contain any proven fat burning ingredients. The maker’s of the Bonker’s Super Skinny Tea seem to be aware of this themselves as they offer no specific weight loss claims and provide no customer testimonials giving positive comments on the tea as a diet aid. In addition, there are no money back satisfaction guarantees offered to the consumer of Bonker’s Super Skinny Tea. For the consumer who is serious about weight loss and maintenance there are other products on the market that contain proven ingredients which will boost results. It is wise to skip the vague promises and look for a pill or capsule with clinical research and positive customer reviews to back up its claims.

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    This tea did nothing for me. I’m going back to Lyfe Tea!


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    Bruce Bolton

    The tag to dunk the tea bag on three bags of a box was glued to tea bag causing the bag to rip out of 18 bags I get only 15 and most teas come with 20


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