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The online advertisements for Bonsal Capsules explains that sea animals never get fat because they haver Bonsal in their bodies. This miracle aquatic product is available for anyone who wants to lose that extra fat. Bonsal alleges to act like a fat sponge. Its active substances are released during digestion and attach to body fat. Bonsal is then said to make sure that the fat leaves your body before in can be digested. In this manner, Bonsal promises to reduce body fat deposits in the belly, thighs and buttocks. And since it is supposed to be an entirely natural product, Bonsal promises that it will cause no side effects. Just one or two capsules with meals and the consumer is on their way to a whole new body.


Extract from shellfish, gelatine and magnesium stearate.

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Bonsal is said to be made from a fiber extra derived from shellfish. There is no specific information on any of the online sites which retail Bonsal as to what that shellfish extract source is. From the descriptions given as to the origin of the substance and how Bonsal works it is most likely some form of Chitosan.

Bonsal is supposed to act like a kind of a sponge binding fat in the digestive system to create a compound mass that is excreted from the body. Because the manufacturer has chosen to be vague about the ingredients it is difficult to make an assessment as to whether the product has the ability to do what it claims. There are a number of testimonials online, all of which are in the ” my excess pounds melted off with no effort” category, but most seem a little too good to be true, especially in the absence of any real clinical evidence. In addition, there are no guarantees offered with this product. For the most part, the sites where Bonsal is available carry disclaimers stating that the retailer is not responsible for any promises made by the manufacturer which is not an encouraging sign. Bonsal seems to be available at online locations which originate in the UK, therefore the customer in the United States will have to compare current dollar to pounds amounts when making a determination as to cost effectiveness. It should be noted that a number of sites which list Bonsal as a product have it tagged as permanently out of stock, again not an encouraging sign.

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  • Bonsal is advertised as an all natural product.


  • The makers and retails of Bonsal are very vague as to what the actual ingredients are.
  • Bonsal contains a shellfish product, anyone with shellfish allergies should avoid the product, as should pregnant women.
  • There are a number of online articles which indicate that the makers of Bonsal have been ordered to stop making false claims in association with the product.
  • There are no satisfaction guarantees offered for Bonsal.
  • There are no free trials available on any of the websites where Bonsal is sold.
  • There appears to be some evidence to suggest that Bonsal is no longer being produced.


When reviewing diet products it is helpful to maintain an objective attitude; however, this can be difficult to do when a product such as Bonsal uses the question “Have you ever seen a fat lobster?” as proof of its effectiveness. There are a number of other products on the market which make claims similar to those of Bonsal capsules. Simply put, there is no reason given, nor any credible evidence offered that would prompt the consumer to choose Bonsal over another product. The information given on Bonsal is vague and its claims of miraculously flushing fat with the method preferred by trim crustaceans is hard to take seriously. Individuals who are looking for a weight loss product would be wise to look for one that has a clear list of ingredients. Ingredients which have a reputation for being proven through clinical trials. The serious dieter deserves to have an effective product, Bonsal is not that product.

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  • 1

    Why has bonsal been taken of the market???


  • 2

    where can i make an order. i used them before and the were working for me


  • 3

    i tried bonsal a few years back,to see if it worked,i ate kfc nearly every day for 2 weeks ,i lost a few pound in weight