Boom Boom Energy Inhaler Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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Boom Boom Energy Inhaler is an all-natural, non-stimulant product that is supposed to invigorate the user without chemicals, caffeine or other sources of stimulation, according to the official website. We were quite impressed with the official website. The site offers videos of the product in use and a complete list of ingredients. There are product reviews and testimonials constantly flashing on the screen. With all of this positive energy, no pun intended, what could be wrong with this product?

Boom Boom Energy Inhaler is not designed for children. There are no stimulant ingredients, but the ingredients in the formula could cause nose irritation for some users. If you find your nose irritated, stop use immediately.

List of Ingredients


  • Natural Oils
  • Invigorating Scents

Product Features

We expected the Boom Boom Energy Inhaler to be a fly by night product with no real online presence or an official website – we were wrong. This product is marketed strongly with an official website, social media and a YouTube page. The testimonials are quite interesting. People claim kissing is better and they make more profits on Wall Street using the product. We have no idea if these are real testimonials or not – but they sure sound like they are fake.

What Boom Boom Energy Inhaler does is supply menthol or other essential oils to the nasal cavity. Yes, these oils can improve breath freshness as the nasal cavity is connected with the mouth, but the claims of decreased hunger are a bit off. There is no stimulant in the formula so there is no real increased energy. The effect is perceived only.

There are no ingredients in Boom Boom Energy Inhaler that could interfere with fat burning ingredients in your favorite supplement, so if you have the chance to try this one there is really no health reason not to. Having a nasal cold or allergies could interfere with the effect. You could experience burning and irritation if the nasal passages are already irritated.

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  • There are no stimulant ingredients in Boom Boom Energy Inhaler.
  • The product should be safe for just about any dieter.


  • The marketing is a bit stronger than the product results.
  • The increased energy is not associated with caffeine or other proven stimulant.
  • Could cause irritation if the nasal passages are raw from cold or allergies.


Boom Boom Energy Inhaler is quite the interesting product. You stick the instrument up your nose and sniff. The essential oils invigorate the senses and you feel instant energy – or so the creators of Boom Boom Energy want you to believe. We think the product is scam, but there are no real dangers in giving it a try.

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Editor: Paul Blake

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