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Bootcamp 360 for Brides is an intense weight loss and exercise program for brides-to-be. The program description gets down to the brass tacks of weight loss – “Be his better half, not his better three-quarters.” The book is broken up into basic, advanced and hard-core levels of exercise. In addition to purchasing the book, brides are expected to have dumbbells, PT ball and resistance bands on-hand for workouts. There is a brief description of the Bootcamp 360 for Brides diet, but this accounts for only a small section. Most of the information is on exercise and hardcore workouts targeting the upper body, most commonly revealed by that wedding dress.

List of Ingredients

Workout programs for brides-to-be.

Product Features

The Bootcamp 360 for Brides is written by the original follower of the workout plan, Tamara Kleinberg. Kleinberg is a personal trainer with a BA in psychology. The trainer provides a personalized workout plan for each bride depending on the time she has before wedding day. In addition to detailed workouts and exercise plans, there are testimonials from brides who “survived” the Bootcamp 360 for Brides. The fact that the author refers to survival as a positive note could mean the program is a bit too intense for some dieting brides-to-be.

The book may be dedicated to brides, but the program can be followed by anyone wishing to start an extreme workout program. The key here is extreme, which is the word used several times in the book description. If a dieter wants to start out slow and work up to an extreme plan, this is not the book for that dieter.

The Bootcamp 360 for Brides book sells through Barnes and Noble for $15.64. There is no mention of an official website and we did not find one during our research. We did find an excerpt from the book written by Tamara Kleinberg, the author. According to the excerpt, she created the exercise program after her boyfriend proposed. She found herself in a “big fat body” at 178 pounds. Some dieters may feel the author has a different idea of “big” and “fat”.

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  • The exercise program will cause weight loss.
  • The book price is comparable to other self-help books.


  • The extreme nature of the workouts may be too difficult for some dieters.
  • The author has an extreme idea of “fat”.
  • Words like “fat” are detrimental to weight loss positivity.


The Bootcamp 360 for Brides is a workout plan with a few tips on eating. The dieter will not get the nutritional advice they are looking for, but they will find advice on how to lose weight with exercise. The plan is ideal for people with strong fitness backgrounds, but may not be ideal for the average dieter.

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