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The BootCamp Elite Mission Series is the newest workout program from Billy Blanks, the exercise guru behind the enormously popular Tae Bo exercise videos. This new series describes itself as challenging fitness program that uses weighted resistance bands to maximize the benefits of structured muscle movement. The BootCamp Elite Mission Series is comprised of three tapes which combine kickboxing, cardio and resistance training that promise to help the user farther and transform their bodies form the inside out.

The creator of The BootCamp Elite Mission Series, Billy Blanks is a popular fitness icon who started out in martial arts, and progressed to teaching classes which combined dance and Tae Kwon Do, eventually developing his own unique system in Tae Bo. Since the creation of the Tae Bo systems Blanks has marketed numerous fitness videos, of which the BootCamp Elite Missions Series is the most famous.

Product Features

The BootCamp Elite Mission Series is the latest workout program from Billy Blanks, a household name in the fitness arena. This program consists of three tapes. The first “Getting Started” is a 43 minute workout where Blanks uses coaching, encouragement and motivation in order to help the user prepare for the physical challenges of a workout routine. “Maximum Power” is the name of the 2nd tape in the series offering a 53 minute workout designed to move the user up a level in fitness by adding strength training exercises. The 3rd tape in the workout series, “Rock Solid Abs” adds the fitness bands and aims to sculpt muscles and promote weight loss. The overall goal of The BootCamp Elite Mission Series is to build the user’s muscle mass to increase metabolism and burn more fat. The tapes can be purchased at sites such as and through Billy Blank’s official website, cost varies depending on the outlet of purchase but are generally in the $25.00 range which is in line with the prices for most exercise tapes. Those going through Billy Blank’s website to purchase The BootCamp Elite Mission Series have access to before and after photos and customer success stories.

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  • The creator of The BootCamp Elite Mission Series is a respected professional in the fitness arena.
  • The BootCamp Elite Mission Series offers three different workouts to help the user reach a variety of exercise levels.
  • The official website for series creator Billy Blanks offers customer testimonials and before and after photos.


  • Outside of the motivational aspects of the tapes, The BootCamp Elite Mission Series offers no aids to suppress appetite or control food cravings.
  • The BootCamp Elite Mission Series is designed to build muscles and increase fitness levels, weight loss may occur but is not its primary goal.
  • There is no 100% satisfaction guarantee offered for The BootCamp Elite Mission Series.
  • The BootCamp Elite Mission Series calls for good deal of effort, motivation and dedication. It is not for anyone seeking a simple effective pill or diet aid to boost their weight loss.


The BootCamp Elite Mission Series by Billy Blanks offers a concentrated, multilevel exercise program for those seeking a challenging but fun fitness routine. However, it is not necessarily a weight loss tool. Many people reach the goal of improving their overall physical condition without losing significant weight. If the consumer wants an added boost to maximize weight loss while building better muscles, they might want to add a proven fat burner and/or appetite suppressant to their routine. It is best to look for a product that is convenient and well researched.

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