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The Boots Diet is a weight loss website that allows dieters to log foods in an attempt to help them control eating and calorie intake. There is no diet plan associated with the website, according to the description. The Boots Diet aims to give the dieter information and knowledge about proper dieting and that is enough to help them lose weight. We tend to disagree with this claim. Dieters need to learn how to eat nutritious and healthy meals and a dedicated diet plan helps them to achieve that life change. Without a dedicated plan, dieters may be more likely to stop eating healthy and return to previous unhealthy habits that caused weight gain.

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Diet journal website.

Product Features

There are hundreds of diet journal websites available on the Internet for no charge. The Boots Diet attempts to charge dieters a monthly access fee to do the same thing free diet websites offer for no charge. The cheapest plan on the Boots Diet website is the yearly plan. Dieters can expect to pay more than $80 for one year of website access. While this price is cheaper than other diet programs like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig, it is more expensive than other diet websites like that offer journaling and diet advice free.

For the membership fee, dieters gain access to diet goals, online food diary and database of foods. Virtual awards are given when dieter reach goals. Progress is charted and dieters can view that progress over days, weeks and months. A recipe calculator allows dieters to input ingredients for a better look at the caloric impact per serving.

An exercise tracker is also available on the Boots Diet website. Dieters keep track of daily exercise with estimated calorie burn. This may help the dieter adjust menus as needed on days when more calories or fewer calories are burned.

There is nothing spectacular about the Boots Diet website that accounts for charging dieters $80 a year. Every one of the trackers, goal setting tools and calculators are available on the Internet for no charge.

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  • Food journaling helps a dieter keep track of calories.
  • Exercise tracking may promote better workout habits.


  • The Boots Diet costs at least $80 a year.
  • The programs, journals, calculators and tools are available from other websites free of charge.
  • No dedicated diet for dieters to follow.


The Boots Diet is a paid version of Spark People and other comparable websites. There are no specific details accounting for the charge. The dieter can achieve the same charting progress on other websites and keep the $80 for weight loss supplements or proven weight loss plans.

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