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Born to be Healthy and Thin by Dr. Steven A. Komadina is described as a “simple guide to body ownership written by a doctor who has taught nutrition to over a million people on 6 continents.” Dr. Komadina’s theory is that the human DNA, which determines who we are, was determined tens of thousands of years ago. It was designed to be fed products that were readily available in nature. Fast forward to our technological age where the modern artificial diet is literally making us sick. With Born to be Healthy and Thin, the author contends that the reader will have a Body Manual with which to take a life journey knowing the keys to health and wellness.

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Born to be Healthy and Thin is put forth as a manual for the average person. Author Steven A. Komadina is a veritable Jack-of-all-Trades. In addition to maintaining a private practice in Albuquerque, Dr. Komadina has been a medical school faculty member and international educator, a lecturer and television commentator on weight loss, health, and nutrition, served as past President of the New Mexico State Medical Society and has even been New Mexico state senator. Despite his impressive sounding resume he has written a book which is praised by readers for being easy to read and down to earth, not adjectives often associated with nutritional guides from Medical professionals. This book covers a variety of topics in it 348 pages, starting with basic material on DNA and why the modern diet is incompatible with the human body. The book goes on to cover subjects such as Aging, Antioxidants, Menopause and Obesity to name a few. Born to be Healthy and Thin can be purchased either on for around $25.00 or on the official website where it was slightly less expensive.

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  • Born to be Healthy and Thin has received positive reviews from readers for being clear and understandable.
  • The author of Born to be Healthy and Thin is a well respected professional with years of experience in medicine and nutrition.


  • Breaking Free from Emotional Eating is a book that seeks to change your whole attitude on how you look at food, it may not be the resource for those struggling with a few extra pounds.
  • While Breaking Free from Emotional Eating does offer a comprehensive plan for life style changes, it isn’t specifically a weight control tool.
  • There do not appear to be any specific weight loss claims made or customer satisfaction guarantee offered with this product.
  • The consumer needs to invest a good time in performing the techniques in Breaking Free from Emotional Eating in order to learn to master food cravings, this may prove difficult for those in need of an immediate, effective appetite suppressant.


Born to be Healthy and Thin is Dr. Steven A Komadina’s attempt to fill the void left by what he sees as the lack of practical information about the human body and it nutritional needs and functions. Written with the average person in mind, it strives to be practical and to avoid being bogged down with meticulous documentation. However, the reader seeking specific information on weight loss will most likely find that this book does not meet their specific needs.

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