Bosu 3D System With Bosu Review

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The Bosu 3D System with Bosu is a fitness package that may help a dieter achieve balance, strength and fitness goals. There is an official website for the Bosu Fitness company, but the complete Bosu 3D System with Bosu is not sold through that website. The package is sold without the Bosu ball, however. Dieters can find the Bosu 3D System with Bosu on for $173. This kit comes with everything the dieter needs to complete a Bosu workout.

List of Ingredients

BOSU balance trainer, balance bar, adjustable resistance tubing, air pump, Total Body Blast workout DVD, owner’s manual.

Product Features

A Bosu ball is an exercise ball with a flat platform on one side. The Bosu 3D System with Bosu comes with a Bosu ball and balance bar. The Bosu ball fits into the base of the balance bar to users can follow the workout DVD without fear of falling.

Bosu workouts are hugely popular and for good reason. Normal exercises performed on a Bosu ball engage all muscle groups as the user must fight to keep balance. Simply standing on a Bosu ball and squatting down works most major muscle groups. Standing back up engages those muscle groups again. At first, using a Bosu ball can be dangerous as balancing is required. The balance bar allows the dieter to hold onto a bar during movement until they feel comfortable letting go.

Holding onto the balance bar will reduce the number of muscles engaged during the workout, making the Bosu 3D System with Bosu ideal for all fitness levels. However, there are some limits to the Bosu system. The Bosu ball has a 300-lb weight limit, so dieters weighing more than 300 pounds cannot safely use the Bosu ball. The constant balancing act may be difficult for dieters with painful joints or back problems.

There is no information on the Bosu 3D System with Bosu workout DVD. We assume the DVD utilizes the adjustable resistance tubing, but how it is used is not revealed in the product description.

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  • Works core muscles with low-impact exercise.
  • Balance bar supports users without perfect balance.


  • Costs more than some buyers would like to spend.
  • Skimpy product description.
  • No information on the workout DVD.


The Bosu 3D System with Bosu is a unique piece of fitness equipment for strengthening core muscles. The workout DVD may provide cardio, but the information provided does not verify what types of exercises the DVD offers. The balance bar is crucial for beginners. Consumers must purchase the package from because the official website for the Bosu System only offers the ball separately.

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    roy hunt

    ive already bought a Bosu. do I have to pay for another ball and pump? I just want the bar feature