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Botanical Slimming, also known as Meizitang Botanical Slimming, is an all-natural diet product that claims to help the dieter lose as much as 10 pounds in just one-week. The initial week on any weight loss supplement or diet plan produces water weight loss. This can add up to 15 pounds or more, but that weight loss rate will not continue over the life of the diet or supplement. The product description and ingredient list lead us to believe the product may be unsafe for most dieters.

List of Ingredients

ZiSu Extract, Oriental Water Plantain Extract, Cassia Seed Extract, Fuling Extract and Medical Amylum.

Product Features

The product description tells a bit about the supplement, but most of the description is taken up with warnings about who should never take Botanical Slimming. According to the warnings, obese dieters, diabetics, people with heart conditions, pregnant women, lactating women and anyone on prescription medication should not take Botanical Slimming. In addition, dieters cannot drink alcohol while taking the supplement and drinking too little water can lead to dizziness and fainting. The warnings alone are enough to scare away most dieters, even before they reach the ingredient list.

ZiSu Extract is an unknown ingredient. Other supplements with the ZiSu name from Meizitang include Job’s Tears, Lotus Leaf and Xianxian Cao, so ZiSu could refer to these ingredients. Oriental water plantain is a natural diuretic. This ingredient will increase water loss to achieve that 10-pound weight loss. Diuretics are not safe for long-term use.  To compound the problem, cassia seed is a natural laxative. Fuling or Fu Ling Extract is another diuretic.

Botanical Slimming is not a slimming supplement. This product is a laxative with diuretics used to increase urination and bowel movements to mimic weight loss. After the dieter stops taking the supplement the weight will come back. If the dieter chooses to continue taking the supplement for longer than a week, the body may become dependent on the laxative ingredient or dehydration could occur from the diuretics. Long-term use of diuretics leads to potassium loss and potential death.

Botanical Slimming sells for $30 a bottle. Dieters can order up to 200 bottles at one time for the wholesale price of $7.50 per bottle.

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  • Ingredients are listed online.


  • Diuretics and laxatives are not safe for weight loss.
  • May cause potassium loss.
  • Will not boost metabolism.
  • Will not promote weight loss.


Botanical Slimming is not a weight loss product. Dieters need to be wary when ordering this product because the ingredient list is made up of laxatives and diuretics. Some ingredients are unknown, which could increase the potential health risk. There are far too many warnings and no proven benefits.

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31 User Reviews about Botanical Slimming

  • 1
    prof.Dr.mehran afshar

    I am professor in medical lab research and faculty of medical diagnosis.i test this product in my a that 28 persons who used 75 days botanical softgel twice a day.and group b that 27 person once a day for 75 days.average weight loss in group a was 9.33% of first day weight.and in group b was 7.24%.I am ready for compare and report all data if you need.with best wishes for your company.professor.Dr.mehran afshar.doctorate in medical diagnosis and ph.d in laboratory analysis with over 18 years experience in hospitals and university.GOOD LOCK


  • 2

    Is it safe to take.


  • 3

    I have heard palpitation should I get the tablets ? I have use some before and nearly die haha
    Some one help please ?


  • 4

    I tried expensive weighloss products but this one is like a miracle price, I lost over 70 pounds over six months


  • 5

    i just started using them,nd this is my second dai,hopfully by the end of the week i should see results.but how do i cee if they are not fake ones


  • 6

    I was 181 when I started taking them. I went down to 169 in 1 month and a half. Strongly recommend them. They do race ur pulse tho


  • 7

    I am diabetic. Not taking insulin. Will it hurt my body if I try a month supply?


  • 8

    Ive been taking botanical slimming the green bottle for a week and a half now and ive lost 15 pounds i think it works really great i dnt drink them on the weekends but i noticed i get fuller faster love them :)


    Your Name

    Where did you buy yours?


  • 9

    I started taking this product Botanical Slimming like almost 2 months ago. Yes I did loose 6 lbs the first week, and we all know that’s water retention we are losing! After the first week I did loose the weight more slowly @2/3 lbs a week. Of course you need to watch your diet and do some exercise. I’ve known of people with Diabetes and hypertension who taken the product and actually got of their meds prescribed by their Dr!! As we know People with chronic conditions like the ones I just mentioned, do have to take a diuretic almost all the time. I really do recommended the product, and recommended it to all. Just remember that once you reached your weight loss goal, keeping your healthy eating habits will also keep the weight off!!



    I took this pill the first time and I lost about 6 pounds in two weeks, the atfter I got to my goal of 126 I stop taking them every day and cut down to one or two per week. after my pacage was finish I went to buy a new one . However, they not working at all for me I’ve been taking them for more than two weeks and I see no change. I don’t know what is that
    Please help


  • 10



  • 11

    Would this pills come out in a drug test?i was taking them but I stopped cause I get ramdon drug test at work, I drank them for two weeks and I lost about 15 pounds I was 320lbs now im 305lbs i havent gained more weight every since i stopped taking them,and its been about a month.



    I think it does


  • 12

    They have Sibutramine thats why u are losing weight they are not natural Sibutramine was taken off the market and keep in mind they were only available by prescription and another problem is that there is no way of telling how much Sibutramine is in them so you could be taking way more than what would be prescribed.


  • 13
    diana d.

    Hello i want take the.pills botanical smilling but i have the high blood presure ,so can use or no.



    Do not take this pill. It has a supplement that has been on re call.


  • 14

    I started taking the product and I can tell you all that I feel pretty good.
    I’m loosing weight very very slowly, not like everyone advertises (and I do believe and on the testemonials). The thing is, if you have extra weight because you eat poorly and wrongly it will act faster. It will help you feel full, will help your bowel movents and to p more. That’s why they recommend you to drink more water. Also, when you loose weight and don’t change your diet you’ll gain weight again. Obviously. But, for people like me, who eat lots of greens, fruits, whole grains homemade bread, light milk, no carbohidrates after six in the afternoon and all the FDA aprooved drugs do not work… well, I do love MZT. I lost 5 pounds in almost 2 months. And my waistline is gorgeous. I think that Chinese medicine should be look up closer. I believe that its effect lays also in how MZT is prepared. If I’m concerned if it can harm my health: sure. I just don’t see how it can.


  • 15

    Hello, I’m willing to try anything at this point. A friend gave me some. I hope they work.


  • 16

    I have to agree with MarieG. I also tried this last year and I regain the weight plus 15lbs and I diet change my diet any. I knew that it was all the water wt initially but it did feel good. I also had issues after taking it a few week with my blood pressure and getting dizzy.


  • 17

    I don’t recommend this product. I initially weighed 154 and now after I stopped making them weight 179! Yes, it makes you loose weight initially…but it all comes back and then some!



    I took like 2 packs of them a year ago and lost more then 30 pounds. so i stoped taking them and i probably gained like 10pounds but not because of the pills but because i eat what i want and dont workout. so i do recomend them


  • 18
    Monic@ G.

    Do you believe this botanical slimming can damage any organs? specially the kidneys,that’s what am worried about.


  • 19
    rebecca soto

    how much weight can someone lose in one month taking this diet supplements…


  • 20

    IVe took botonical slimming mtz softgels last year.. I took 1 1/2 packs and lost 15 lbs.. So I burly started again with them bout to finish my second pack I lost 21 lbs already.. So is this product bad? Or deadly? Can u please let me know everything about yhem so I can stop taking them.


    Edna Jackson

    Hi LOuie-

    Where did you buy your mtz softgels from, because I’ve been reading on-line and they be sure and not get the fake ones, so can you send me the address of where you brought yours so I know they are not fake and how much did you pay for your packs.



    how do you know if they are fake or the real ones?



    Hi louie
    could you tell me where you brought them. i dont wanna get the fake one. and there r so many cites that cells them. too many… dont know what to do. please help…



    I am diabetic should I take this product.


  • 21
    Lydia S. Cantu

    has being taking it and would like to see how can get some more I have lost 16 pounds but this or the 100% natural soft gel



    Ok so I’ve been taking these botanical slimming pills for quite a while now on and off to learn about the side effect such as constant dehydration , dizziness… well Im not saying they are bad during my first try by working out and eating right i managed to loose 78 pounds in 3 months they were very amazing results. I had stopped taking them but my biggest mistake was changing my eating habits again I did gain the weight back in less then the 3 months it took me to loose but I had only learned what was needed to be done for better results I am taking them now same routine as always but nevertheless you will know when they are fake because you can feel the change once you take it