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Bowflex is a well-respected name in fitness products, but the company is also known for selling trendy items for high prices. The Bowflex BMI scale claims to measure BMI based on your current weight. This method of measuring health is a bit outdated. BMI does not take into consideration musculature or current fitness level. Just because a person is a normal BMI based on some preset scale does not mean that person is healthy. There are thin people who are out of shape and overweight people who are in great shape. The overweight person will have an abnormal BMI, while the thin person will have a normal BMI.

Bowflex sells the BMI scale for about $50. This is a huge price to pay for a BMI measurement that you can find free online, but the scale offers a little more than BMI.

List Of Ingredients


  • BMI calculating scale.

Product Features

Bowflex BMI Scale measures your current weight and BMI and tracks your weight progress. If you want to maintain your current weight, the scale will give you the total number of calories you need to eat to do so. If you want to lose weight, eat less than the total calories shown on the scale. There is no way for the scale to accurately estimate how many calories you currently need to maintain a weight. The scale does not know your current activity level or the type of exercise you complete during the day. Total caloric needs differ between two people of the same height and weight, let alone two people of different heights and different activity levels.

There is not much information on the scale or how it works, but we do know you have to program some information into the scale because it compares current weight to the goal weight you have entered. We’re not sure if the scale works if you are a healthy weight and you no goal weight entered.

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  • Measures current weight against goal weight.
  • Makes it easier to keep track of weight loss.
  • Gives you an estimated BMI measurement.


  • The total calorie needs cannot be accurate.
  • The BMI measurement is useless as a means of measuring health.


Experts are leaving BMI measurements behind because they are simply not accurate. If you have tons of muscle or very little muscle at all, you will not receive an accurate measurement. BMI takes your height, weight and gender into consideration and nothing more. If you want to lose weight and utilize measurements in the process, try measuring your body parts at the beginning of each month.

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