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Home gyms offer strength training and cardiovascular exercises in the convenience of your home. An inexperienced dieter has the opportunity to work at their own pace without feeling the pressure of the experienced members. The Bowflex brand offers a complete line of home gyms for all fitness levels. The SpiraFlex technology of the Bowflex Revolution offers more than 400 variations of the 100 exercises offered.

The Bowflex Revolution is available on the official website. Product information, customer service and tech specifications allow an individual to better understand the product prior to purchase. The cost is $3,000, plus shipping and handling. Additional attachments such as weight upgrade, accessory rack, training DVD and machine mat are extra.

List of Ingredients

Home gym featuring strength training stations and a cardiovascular rowing machine.

Product Features

The Bowflex Revolution offers more than 100 exercises. The Freedom Arms allows close to 400 variations of any of the given exercises. A cardiovascular rowing machine is standard when the bench folds to a horizontal position. The standard weight for the Bowflex Revolution is 200 lbs., with upgrades to 300 lbs. available for an additional price.

The recommended weight limit of users of the Bowflex Revolution is 300 lbs. This excludes a portion of individuals looking to use the Bowflex Revolution. We found the weight of the machine an issue as well. With a total weight of more than 300 lbs., the Bowflex Revolution is difficult to move by on individual as well as assembly.

Dieters living in small apartments will have difficulty using the Bowflex Revolution due to the space requirements. The space needed is 10 feet by 7 feet. This is larger than most rooms in an average sized home.

The cost of the Bowflex Revolution exceeds $3,000 when shipping and handling is included in the price. The average dieter will not be willing to spend this amount of money with no guarantee of results. Although the product offers a 10 year warranty, the price is excessive.

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  • 220 lbs. of resistance.
  • Built-in cardiovascular rowing machine.
  • 10-year limited warranty.
  • Available on the official website.
  • Maximum user weight.


  • Weight upgrades cost additional money.
  • Guarantees results.
  • Machine weighs more than 300 lbs.
  • Does not offer a comprehensive diet guide.
  • Expensive.


The Bowflex Revolution is the top of the line product in the line of Bowflex home gym equipment. The cutting edge technology reduces the risk of injury due to falling free weights. The Freedom Arms allow individuals greater range of motion during exercises. We also liked the built-in cardiovascular rowing machine. Dieters have the ability to train muscles with aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

The downside of the Bowflex Revolution is the cost. At a staggering $3,000, the Bowflex Revolution is quite expensive for the average dieter looking to enter the home gym market. Spending that amount of money equals approximately five years of a health club membership. The Bowflex Revolution offers false information when it claims to produce results. A dieter must embrace a lifestyle consisting of a healthy diet, exercise and proper supplementation. The Bowflex Revolution does not offer a diet plan or a guide to proper supplementation.

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