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Bowtrol Probiotics are probiotic supplements developed and manufactured by Bowtrol. Probiotic supplements are intended to aid with the digestive process and restore a healthy balance of flora in the body. Probiotics are frequently used to treat conditions such as constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, vaginal yeast infections and irritable bowel syndrome. These supplements are not intended as weight loss supplements, although it is possible for some weight loss to occur due to better digestion. Bowtrol Probiotics are sold on the official website for $39.99 for a one-month supply of 60 pills. There is a 90-day money-back guarantee offered only on unopened items. There is no refund policy offered once a customer has tried the product.


There are a range of bacteria used in probiotic supplements, and Bowtrol claims that the active ingredient in Bowtrol Probiotics, lactospore, works better while causing less gas and bloating than other types of probiotics. There are many customer testimonials on the web about Bowtrol, ranging from exceedingly positive to exceedingly negative, with few that seem unbiased. There do not appear to be any free trial samples of Bowtrol Probiotics offered on the official website.


List of Ingredients

Each serving of Bowtrol Probiotics contains 10 million units of probiotics. This includes lactobacillus rhamnosus, lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus plantarum, lactobacillus casei and bifidobacterium bifidus.


Product Features

The active ingredients in Bowtrol Probiotics have been found to aid digestion in people whose digestive systems are lacking in probiotic flora and digestive enzymes. Specifically, lactobacillus bacteria are types of lactic acid, an enzyme that helps digest lactose, an ingredient in found in milk. Bottles of 60 capsules of Bowtrol Probiotics sell on the official website for $39.99.


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  • Bowtrol Probiotics are suitable for vegetarians.
  • Bowtrol Probiotics do not require refrigeration to remain at optimum potency.
  • Bowtrol Probiotics are easy to purchase online through the official website or other online retailers.
  • The probiotic organisms in Bowtrol Probiotic, while not regulated by the FDA, are regularly taken by many people in order to aid digestion.



  • There are no customer testimonials offered on the official website.
  • The 90-day money-back guarantee on all Bowtrol products applies to unopened products, which means there are no guarantees on products once they have been tried.
  • There are no free trial samples of Bowtrol Probiotics on the website, so customers cannot test whether the probiotics would be beneficial for them.
  • It doesn’t appear that a healthy diet or regular fitness regimen are encouraged with Bowtrol Probiotics.


Bowtrol Probiotic supplements contain 10 billion units of lactic acid-based probiotic enzymes per serving. While probiotics are not regulated or recommended by the FDA, these enzymes are generally thought to have a beneficial effect on regulating the flora in the digestive tract, which can both aid in digestion and regulate the level of yeast in the vaginal ecosystem. The customer reviews of these products are inconsistent and appear to be biased. The company does not offer any guarantees for its products once they have been opened, nor does it offer free samples, so customers cannot know if these products actually work without buying them.


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  • 1
    Kathleen Kellett

    What is the address to return unopened package of this product please.


  • 2

    Please stop send to my address



    I have the same problem!


  • 3
    robyn bridger

    stop sending bowtril to my old adress,as the new owners are sick of receiving it all the time,i cancel my order as my dr,has told me not to take it,if you keep sending them to me i;ll have to report you to the police,STOP SENDING BOWTROL,I CANCEL MY ORDER,ROBYN BRIDGER.


  • 4
    robyn bridger

    i want to cancel my order for bowtrol probiotics as my dr. said i’m not take them anymore robyn bridger.


  • 5
    Ray Lang

    On the bottle of the Bowtrol Probiotic it states take one a day, but on the box it comes in (with the colon cleanse) it says take two a day!
    Which one is right, and if it is two a day, do you take the capsules together??
    Many thanks.