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What You Should Know

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BPI B4 is a fat burner and preworkout supplement in one. This product is part of a new revolution in workout shakes that add caffeine to the mix to increase energy during a workout. The idea is sound, but only if the ingredients packaged with the caffeine are in adequate amounts per suggested serving. If there is not enough amino acid or creatine, the caffeine limits the bodybuilder to consuming just one serving and looking elsewhere to make up the difference.

List of Ingredients


  • Niacin
  • Psoralea Corylifolia
  • Pausinystalia Yohimbe
  • Caffeine
  • Red Wine Concentrate
  • Dendrobium Nobile
  • Canavalia Glandiata
  • Sophora Japonica

Product Features

We’d love to say the ingredient list for BPI B4 is everything we expected, but that is not the case. We recognize the caffeine, yohimbe, red wine concentrate and quercetin (sophora japonica), but the other ingredients are foreign, especially for a preworkout shake. There are no amino acids and no creatine in this formula so bodybuilders will have to purchase a separate shake mix for those needs.

Taking the ingredients we known into consideration, caffeine and yohimbe are stimulants. Yohimbe is often a source of additional caffeine manufacturers can sneak into the mix to hide just how much caffeine is in the formula. In this case there is no need to hide anything because the product label and product description do not reveal how much caffeine the user is consuming.

Red wine concentrate and quercetin have antioxidant capabilities. Quercetin also works as a natural anti-inflammatory. Antioxidants and anti-inflammatories are perfect for the sport of bodybuilding, but they have no impact on energy, fat loss or muscle growth.

Psoralea Corylifolia is used in Chinese medicine to cure skin diseases like psoriasis. There is no indication of diet or fitness support. Dendrobium Nobile is commonly used as one of the 50 fundamental Chinese herbs to fight thirst and support immunity. The extract can cause side effects when taken in large doses. Again, no association with bodybuilding, muscle growth, energy or any aspect of dietary supplementation.

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  • All ingredients in BPI B4 are listed on several websites.
  • Caffeine will increase energy and may contribute to fat loss.
  • Yohimbe is just another source of caffeine.


  • There is no telling how much caffeine is provided per serving.
  • No common ingredients like amino acids and creatine are in the preworkout shake.


BPI B4 may claim to be a combination fat burner and preworkout shake, but we did not find the ingredient list supported those claims. The fat burner claim is all about the caffeine, but anyone can consume caffeine via dedicated fat burners. The preworkout claim is simply a lie. There is nothing supportive about this shake – no protein, no amino acids and no creatine to support the bodybuilding workout.

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