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The Brazil Butt Lift was designed by Leandro Carvalho who is a renowned fitness expert and is famous for sculpting the bodies of some of the top supermodels. Brazil Butt Lift is just the latest to Mr. Carvalho’s line of sexy workout routines to create shapely bodies. Some people who have used the system tout it as the best system available for beautifying the rear without surgery and while staying at home. Mr. Leandro’s used his signature body sculpting workouts in this video and targeted the butt to allow the user to have a firm lift. The routines delineated by its creator are plies, plies, squats, lunges, explosive moves, plyometrics, touchdowns, kickbacks and dance. the sexy dance is said to make the fat shed off your body and get you toned. The claims are that the workout really works if you can keep up. The Brazil Butt Lift is a combination of fat burning and cardio workout that incorporates the Brazilian dance craze while targeting the lower body. The video claims every muscle in your body will be worked without expensive gym equipment or gadgets.

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Product Features

The product comes as a complete package that has everything you need. This includes five workout routines on three DVDs, plus a Bonus Workout, Booty Basic Introduction video, a Booty makeover guide with Booty Blueprint & customizable workout calendars, Fat Burning Food Guide, six-day Supermodel Slimdown plan, Triangle Training Workout Cards, Booty Resistance Band, Measurement Tracker Card and Tape Measure and a Booty Test Pencil. The package is designed so you do not have to purchase any exercise equipment and you will never go back to buying the quick fix gadgets that just don’t work.

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  • The plan is intense but easy to follow.
  • Everything you need is in the package.
  • There are instructional DVDs included in the package.
  • Healthy menus in the food guide.


  • Intense workout may be hard to begin for people not use to working out.


Leandro developed this home video routine to reach more people and help them achieve the Brazil Butt. This routine called the Brazil Butt Lift has everything a person needs to work out and shed pounds while sculpting targeted areas. The developer has a long history in the fitness industry and has worked with professional top supermodels to help them achieve the look they need for their careers. The workouts are made to be fun yet intense to keep you motivated. Anyone who can keep up with the routines will see results from this Brazil Butt Lift.

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    brazil butt lift is the best work out i ever done. I am a big fan of beach body. I have seen the comericals for years and never brought it. I decided to give it a try. I used to be 167 lbs very out shape at 5.2inch tall. I started p90x and did it for 3years. Than i brought slim and 6, than hip hop abs, insanity. turbo fire. all of these programs got me down to a size 2. I wanted the ultimate butt so i decided to try brazil butt lift and i came out of my plateau and my hips inner thighs and butt are beautiful even my arms and abs. If you are already at the size you want to be and u feel you are n a plateau and those inner thighs or your butt needs a pick me up BBL is the way to go. Thank you Leandro for understanding a women’s bottom. thank you to all the rest of beach body team that got me down to a size 2 sexy at 40.