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Regina Joseph is the fitness professional behind the Brazilian Bikini Body Program. She developed the program to help others learn about how to work out and eat the same way Brazilians do, so they too can get the killer bodies they have been dreaming of. By following the advice in her book, she says you can have a bikini ready body in just 30 days. Her plan not only gives you super foods to boost fat burning and energy production, but makes exercise fun, and focuses on stress reduction for mental health, too.

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The Brazilian Bikini Body Program is not a low carb diet, but it is important to recognize that carbs and grains are limited. Your grains come from small portions, and most of the carbs you eat will come from fresh produce choices. The diet focuses mostly on fresh whole foods, with smoothies, juice, and salads. Dairy products are also greatly limited, but not completely removed from the program. Protein comes from lean meat and seafood selections, beans, nuts, and other legumes. The acai berry is the foundation of the diet as it is the Brazilian super food. The recommended exercise plan includes Pilates and capoeira, and examples are in the book. There are several different work out plans, ranging from 10 to 60 minutes in length. Exercise is a key component of the program, so there are tips for beginners, as well as for people who are injured. The work out program will target balance, strength, and cardiovascular needs.

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  • This program promotes healthy eating.
  • This program promotes exercise.
  • This program gives you recipes, meal plans, and work out routines.


  • Unless you are in Brazil, some of the super foods may be hard to locate.
  • This program is not easily adapted for vegetarians to use.
  • This program does not seem to be for men.
  • There is a three month commitment to the website and online tools, for $25 in addition tot he cost of the book.
  • Those who are not familiar with Brazilian culture may not find this program appealing.


It not realistic for most dieters to expect a perfect bikini body in just a month, but following the program exactly for the 30 days should yield significant results. It is a well balanced program in terms of nutrition and exercise, so those who stick to it shouldn’t have an issue. If you want to boost your efforts, consider adding a proven fat burner or appetite suppressant to the mix, as directed. If you do not achieve your bikini ready body in 30 days, complete the program again from start to finish until you do.

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