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There always seems to be a diet or weight loss craze going on. This is due to the millions of women and men struggling to shed unwanted body fat. Unfortunately this can be very challenging, and many people have a lot of trouble reaching their weight loss goals. In this review, we are going to address Brazilian Diet Pills. As you may already know, there are plenty of these products gracing the world wide web, and many of them make a lot of promises regarding easy weight loss. However, it is important to address the ingredients used in a diet supplement before taking it. You must also find out if the Brazilian Diet Pills are safe, and supported by real research.


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Brazilian Diet Pills are often marketed as supplement formulas that suppress your appetite, burn off unwanted body fat, detoxify your system, and heighten your energy levels. One example is Belissima Sim, which is Brazilian Diet Pill sold online. It contains “exotic herbs,” and is stated to be very effective for weight reduction. However, this formula is not regulated by the FDA, and may not be considered safe in the USA.

Although most Brazilian Diet Pills are described as Ephedra-free, they do contain ingredients like Damania (this is a diuretic), Guarana (a stimulant like caffeine), Yerba Mate (may help regulate blood glucose levels), Psyllium Husk (encourages regularity), Cha de Bugre (suppresses hunger), Abuta (may improve digestion), Caqueta (helps reduce digestive problems), Jurubebe (encourages bowel movements), Guava Leaf Extract (improves bowel health), and Geravo (may improve digestive functioning). Another common Brazilian ingredient used in diet products is Acai Berry Extract, which is claimed to improve overall health and aid with fat loss.

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  • There are some natural fruit extracts used in Brazilian Diet Pills.
  • Some of these dietary supplements contain vitamins and nutrients.


  • Brazilian Diet Pills are not regulated in the USA for safety.
  • Some of these weight loss products are high-priced, and come with no guarantees.
  • Some dieters may experience side effects when taking these weight loss products.
  • Complete ingredient lists are typically not provided.


All on all, you must be very careful when considering Brazilian Diet Pills. First and foremost, these products are typically not regulated in the US at all. Secondly, if the complete list of ingredients for a diet pill is not provided, then you should be leery of its contents and potential side effects. After all, this formula could do more harm than good. It is also important to pay attention to the stimulants and diuretics used in Brazilian Diet Pills. It is not beneficial to acquire a supplement that just works like a laxative.

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    What are he ingredients of this pills? How much is a bottle and how long last each bottle!?