Breaking Free From Emotional Eating Review

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Breaking Free From Emotional Eating” by Geneen Roth teaches the reader that compulsive eating can come to an end and this book promises to tell you how to reach that end by outlining a program for resolving the conflicts at the root of eating disorders. “Breaking Free From Emotional Eating” uses simple techniques developed in Roth’s popular seminars to offers reassuring practical advice as well as many tools and strategies to help the consumer break the binge diet cycle forever.

According to Geneen Roth, a bestselling author and a teacher who has gained international prominence through her work in the field of eating disorders, the relationship we all have with food directly correlates with our life relationship. Roth has written “Breaking Free from Emotional Eating” as a daily guide for support, direction and encouragement. This book promises to give the dedicated reader tools can be used day to day in a quest for help with emotional overeating.

Product Features

With “Breaking Free from Emotional Eating” the principles taught in Geneen Roth’s nationwide workshops have been laid out in a gentle how to program. Emphasizing concepts such as trusting yourself, nourishing yourself, and accepting yourself, Roth
promises to help the reader recognize the signals of physical hunger, eat without distraction, knowing when to stop eating, and withstand social and family pressures. This 224 page book is available on, as well as Roth’s official website.

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  • “Breaking Free from Emotional Eating” includes a complete array of information on emotional eating issues.
  • There are numerous positive customer reviews online to support the teachings in “Breaking Free from Emotional Eating”.
  • The author of “Breaking Free from Emotional Eating” has an official website which offers additional books, resources and information for those struggling with emotional eating.


  • “Breaking Free from Emotional Eating” is a book that seeks to change your whole attitude on how you look at food; it may not be the resource for those struggling with a few extra pounds.
  • While “Breaking Free from Emotional Eating” does offer a comprehensive plan for life style changes, it isn’t specifically a weight control tool.
  • There do not appear to be any specific weight loss claims made or customer satisfaction guarantee offered with this product.
  • The consumer needs to invest a good time in performing the techniques in “Breaking Free from Emotional Eating” in order to learn to master food cravings, this may prove difficult for those in need of an immediate, effective appetite suppressant.


“Breaking Free from Emotional Eating” may be a comprehensive program for dealing with lifestyle and psychological eating issues, and Geneen Roth certainly seems to be a well regarded professional; however, not everyone who is overweight or looking to lose a few pounds is necessarily struggling with the issues outlined in the book. For some consumers a simple, effective diet pill or capsule may be all they need to reach their goals. There are a number of proven, well researched products on the market that would safely serve the needs of those consumers more effectively than the sweeping change offered by “Breaking Free from Emotional Eating” and it is only wise to determine your own needs before investing in a system which hopes to drastically change your lifestyle.

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