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Bricker Labs is a company that manufactures and sells weight loss and other health supplements. The official website offers a range of products that it claims contains all “naturally occurring” ingredients, however a comprehensive list of ingredients for several of its products could not be found for this article. The website itself appears not to have been updated for several years, or ever subjected to any spell-checking software. Bricker Labs’ products are not regulated by the FDA, so the lack of a comprehensive list of ingredients for its products is even more worrisome, as consumers will need to research each ingredient on their own to check its safety and effectiveness. Your primary doctor should always be consulted before beginning any weight loss program or taking new supplements.


The most popular product appears to be Lean Machine, a concentrated whey protein powder. Lean Machine powder is sold on the website for $39.95 per 2-lb. bottle. There are testimonials by the winners of three bodybuilding contests on the official website. There do not appear to be any money-back guarantees of this product by the company, nor are there free samples available.

Product Features

The Bricker Labs products sold on the official website include Lean Machine, Cut-Up Plus, Big-C l-carnitine supplement, Big-V Plus and 24 more products for weight loss, heart health, immune system health, digestive aids, appetite suppression, amino acids, eye health, gaining muscle, endurance, energy, muscle recovery, joint and pain support, low-carb, mental awareness and nutritional support.


In addition to featuring its products, also offers resources about nutrition, weight loss and body-building. The website even offers several diet plans using its products, including “Fat Loss Diet”, “Strength and Toning Diet”, “Baby Boomer Diet”, and “Muscle and Power Diet”.


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  • Bricker Labs’ products are readily available online from its official website and from other online retailers.
  • Testimonials are available on the official website.



  • There are no comprehensive list of ingredients for any of Bricker Labs products on its website, so customers cannot research the ingredients for safety and effectiveness.
  • There are no customer reviews of this product on other websites.
  • There are no guarantees of this product or free trial samples, so customers have no way to ensure the products’ effectiveness without buying them.


Bricker Labs products claim to offer naturally health supplements, although since ingredient lists for their products are unavailable, this is impossible to verify. These products are also not regulated by the FDA. Furthermore, the company does not offer any money-back guarantees on the effectiveness of its products or free samples. The website does not offer a discussion forum for its customers, and there are no reviews for these products on other websites. The fitness tips and health news may be helpful to some customers, but overall Bricker Labs does not instill a great deal of trust from its website and general online presence.

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