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Brindle Berry 5000 is marketed as a weight loss formula that metabolizes fat, increases metabolism and possibly improves cardio functioning. Brindle berry is the common name for the Garcinia Quaesita fruit, which has been used in Thai and Indian cuisine for years. Rich in Gymnema and Chromium, Brindle Berry 5000 promises to act as a thermogenic agent, warming the body’s inner core to reduce water weight and burn fat.


HCA, Hydroxy Citric Acid, Garcinia Quaesita (Brindle Berry) Fruit, Fucus Vesiculosus (Kelp) Herb, Gymnema Sylvestre (Gymnema) Leaf, Chromium Picolinate, Equiv. Chromium, Methylcellulose, Capsicum Frutescens (Cayenne) Fruit Powder and Pextin 100mg.

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Brindle Berry 5000 is one of hundreds of products on the market that make vague promises to increase metabolism and burn fat as they help the consumer lose weight. However, there is little in the formula and even less research to make that claim credible. The assurance that Brindle Berry 5000 acts as a thermogenic agent is promising, although nothing seems to back up the claim. The main active ingredient, HCA, has been shown to reduce fat in research studies on animals, but no clinical trials with humans have been cited. Brindle Berry 5000 does includes Chromium, which is believed to be a highly effective ingredient to balance blood sugar, process toxins and aid in metabolic function. However, Chromium can be purchased quite inexpensively as an individual supplement. The energy boosts promised with Brindle Berry 500 may come from another one of its active ingredients – Gymnema, which is known to be a highly stimulating product that can cause irritability and sleeplessness.

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    Brindle Berry 5000 contains chromium to balance blood sugar levels.
    Brindle Berry 5000 does employ thermogenic agents for fat burning.
    Brindle Berry is widely available on the internet.


    Brindle Berry 5000 contains a number of unfamiliar ingredients, many of which appear to be “fillers”.
    Brindle Berry 5000 uses Gymnema, which is known to be highly stimulating.
    Brindle Berry 5000 has no official website.
    There is no customer service support, free trials or money back guarantee for Brindle Berry 5000.


Brindle Berry 5000 appears to be one of the products hoping to gain popularity by riding on the interest in fruit and berry formulas with an exotic organic appeal. However, there are too many other ingredients in Brindle Berry 5000, many of which seem to be fillers, to even begin to call it organic. And the ingredients which are listed do not have any proven research to support their use to suppress the appetite, cut down on cravings or burn fat. There is no official website for the product, no free trials and no money back guarantee, making Brindle Berry 5000 a risky investment. The consumer seeking effective and lasting weight loss may want to look for a more established product backed up by research and customer reviews.

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