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The British Heart Foundation Diet, which is sometimes also called the Greenlane Diet, has absolutely nothing to do with the real British Heart Foundation. This diet is not one anyone should consider following, because it rests on a poor nutritional standard, and is nothing more than a crazy fad diet that promises to help you lose as much as 10 pounds in three days. Weight lost that quickly will not stay off, and will likely be nothing more than water weight. The origins of this diet are unknown.

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The diet plan was popular throughout the United Kingdom, but no one is really sure where the diet came from in the first place. The basic premise of the diet is that you only eat abour 700 calories per day. This is far fewer calories than anyone should ever consider taking in, and as such is not a sustainable diet for longer than a few days. If you decide to use this program and follow it for more than three days, you are putting yourself at risk for major health issues. If you do this program for an extended period of time, it should only be under the supervision of a medical professional. This is a starvation diet, which will only slow your metabolism down in the end, making it harder for you lose weight, and even easier for you to gain it back.

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  • There are no advantages to this diet program, and it is not recommended for anyone.


  • Eating only 700 calories a day is not going to sustain you. You will feel hungry, tired, and weak.
  • The weight you lose will be water weight, and it will come back quickly when you resume eating again.
  • Starving yourself with a diet like this slows the metabolism down so the body does not burn as many calories at rest. You will more easily gain weight, and have an even harder time getting rid of it.
  • No one knows where this diet comes from.
  • Even if all 700 calories is fruits and vegetables, you are still not getting enough required nutrition.


Due to the unhealthy nature of this program, we do not recommend it for anyone to use for any length of time, unless told to do so by a trusted medical professional. Instead, we recommend you follow a nutritionally balanced diet with the appropriate calorie restrictions for the amount of weight you want to lose and your activity level. We also recommend you exercise on a regular basis, and consider taking a proven weight loss supplement, either a fat burner, or appetite suppressant to help you along the way.

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