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Yoga is a fitness program focusing of strength, flexibility and total-body health and wellbeing. Broga is a style of yoga designed with men in mind. The fitness program is no different from traditional yoga classes, but embraces men of all fitness levels.

List of Ingredients


  • Yoga classes designed for men.

Product Features

Broga is a yoga program designed to increase core strength and flexibility. Although the program is designed with men in mind, women are allowed to attend classes. The classes are designed to embrace the needs of men, in particular core strength, muscle development and flexibility. Broga also focuses on the man who may not be as physically fit as professional athletes or experienced fitness enthusiasts.

The program is inexpensive compared to similar fitness routines. Depending on the location, individual classes are $15 to $17. A 10-class package is available for $110 to $140. The downside of Broga classes is the locations. As of 2013, there were only four locations providing Broga classes, Martha’s Vineyard and Somerville, Massachusetts, San Diego, California and Winnipeg, Manitoba.

In the event you are a certified trainer or interested in teaching Broga, you have the ability to attend the training classes. The company offers several training classes lasting three days. You will learn the benefits of men’s yoga, the elements of the program, anatomy and physiology as well as how to market to the male audience.

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  • The company offers training classes leading to certification.
  • The classes are inexpensive.
  • The health benefits of yoga are proven.
  • The program embraces men of all fitness levels.
  • The website features information relating to diet and supplementation.
  • The program focuses on core strength and flexibility.


  • The classes are only available at four locations.
  • Private lessons could exceed a personal budget.
  • Private lessons are expensive.


The benefits of yoga have been proven through the history of fitness. Broga is just the name placed on a fitness trend used for thousands of years. We like how Broga embraces men who typically do not engage is yoga. The general rule of thumb is men perform strength-training exercises and do not engage is flexibility training. Broga allows men of all fitness levels to increase flexibility, gain strength and improve overall health and wellbeing. The program is slightly cheaper than yoga classes provided at fitness clubs. You have the ability to visit one class of attend 10 classes for a set price. Although the name Broga suggests the programs are men-only, there is only one class designed for men-only. Women are allowed to attend classes. The downside of Broga is the locations. The classes are only available at four locations. This could deter the average dieter from benefiting from a great program.

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