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Bromelain is a proteolytic digestive enzyme that is extracted from the pineapple fruit and stems. Bromelain is taken to treat conditions including inflammation, sinusitis, osteoarthritis, and digestive problems.

While Bromelain is scientifically proven to work as a blood-thinning agent, anti-inflammatory and digestive aid, it also has several possible side effects and contraindications that should be taken into account before using it. Indigestion, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, increased heart rate, drowsiness and increased bleeding may all accompany taking this product.

Bromelain has also resulted in allergic reactions and asthma symptoms, including breathing problems, tightness in the throat, skin hives, rash and itchy skin. Anyone who is allergic to pineapples should not take Bromelain, as it is derived from pineapples. Allergic reactions may also occur in people with allergies to latex, carrot, celery, fennel, rye, wheat, papain, bee venom or grass, birch or cypress pollens. People with peptic ulcers, those taking anti-inflammatories and those with bleeding problems should not use Bromelain. People with other digestive disorders should consult a qualified healthcare professional before using Bromelain. The safety of Bromelain in pregnant or nursing women is not known. There are many other possible interactions that might occur between Bromelain and other health conditions and medications. Anyone considering taking Bromelain should therefore first consult their primary doctor.

List of Ingredients

Bromelain extract.

Product Features

Bromelain is a protein-digesting enzyme that occurs naturally in pineapples. Bromelain can be taken orally in powder form. Suggested dosage is 1/16 of a teaspoon of Bromelain powder daily with meals as a digestive aid or between meals as an anti-inflammatory. It is sold in powder form as a health supplement from several manufacturers including The Vitamin Shoppe, Natural Brand and Good ‘N Natural. Online retail prices range from $3.04 to $10. 99 for 500 mg of Bromelain in powder form.

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  • Available from a wide range of retailers, online and offline.
  • Has a wide range of health benefits, backed by medical research.


  • There are many contra-indications and possible side effects, so people who are considering taking Bromelain should first consult their primary doctor.
  • There are no customer reviews of Bromelain available online.


Bromelain is a naturally-occurring enzyme extracted from the pineapple plant. It has been scientifically proven as a digestive aid, blood thinner and anti-inflammatory. There are a distressing number of possible side effects, contraindications and possible interactions with other medications and medical conditions. Therefore anyone who is considering taking Bromelain should first consult their primary doctor and carefully research all contraindications associated with Bromelain.

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    katherine pham

    i used to take bromelain when i had hemmroids .after i gave birth to my baby ,i discovered my right pelvic muscle has become inflamed. will bromelain heal my inflamtory?