Bronson Laboratories Hoodia 500 Complex Review

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Bronson Laboratories Hoodia 500 Complex will decrease appetite so the dieter can control eating and lose weight, according to the product description. The main ingredient in the formula is hoodia. There was a time when hoodia was the ultimate appetite suppressant, but that time has come and gone. Today, hoodia has been clinically proven to have no effect on weight loss or appetite. The active ingredient in hoodia, P57, is burned off during metabolism and the chemical never reaches the brain to signal the stomach is full. There are a couple other ingredients in the formula. These increase metabolism and thus increase hunger.

List of Ingredients

South African Hoodia Gordonii Proprietary Blend: Hoodia Gordonii, Cocoa Extract and Green Tea Leaf.

Product Features

Hoodia gordonii is the appetite suppressant in Bronson Laboratories Hoodia 500 Complex. In order for hoodia to be exported out of South Africa, a CITES certificate is needed, but none is listed with the product description. There is also the little hiccup with the proven lack of appetite suppression support. Clinical studies show no difference between a placebo effect and hoodia effect on appetite suppression.

Cocoa extract is a source of naturally-occurring caffeine. The stimulant effect is enough to boost energy and heart rate. The dieter will likely feel extra energy for a few hours and then the energy levels will fall, despite the fact that caffeine takes about 12 hours to fully work its way through the human body.

Green tea leaf is a clinically proven metabolism booster. The caffeine present in green tea is one source of metabolism boost, but EGCG is the main element in green tea. EGCG works to improve metabolism even when caffeine is not present. This makes green tea the most effective and safe weight loss ingredient.

We have no idea how much caffeine is present in Bronson Laboratories Hoodia 500 Complex. If a dieter is sensitive to caffeine or other stimulants, it is important to start out with half the normal dose to evaluate how the body reacts to caffeine levels.

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  • All ingredients are listed online.
  • Caffeine and green tea are proven to boost metabolism.


  • We have no idea how much caffeine is present in one serving.
  • Hoodia is not an effective appetite suppressant.


Bronson Laboratories Hoodia 500 Complex is simply not an effective supplement. The appetite suppressant, hoodia, is clinically proven NOT to work to suppress appetite. There are two known stimulants in the formula, which will increase hunger as it increases metabolism. Weight loss supplements need to be a careful balance between stimulation and appetite suppression and this supplement does not live up to that expectation.

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