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Bronson Laboratories Metabolic Gain is a mass building supplement. Bodybuilders need a unique combination of ingredients aimed at promoting muscle growth. Years ago, these supplements would include prohormones to increase testosterone. More testosterone means larger muscles and more muscle growth. The United States Government outlawed most prohormones, so bodybuilders cannot use the supplement legally when entering competitions. Plant based prohormones replaced the proven prohormones, with little success, but that does not mean the manufacturers do not continue to push products like Bronson Laboratories Metabolic Gain.

List of Ingredients

Testofen Fenugreek Extract, Forslean Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract, Bioperine Black Pepper Fruit Extract.

Product Features

Bronson Laboratories does not just claim the supplement will help the bodybuilder gain muscle mass, it also claims the dieter will lose weight. Testofen fenugreek is a high fiber seed with laxative properties. It may also be useful in regulating blood glucose levels. This could help dieters feel full after eating because glucose levels remain stable during and after digestion.

Forslean is a name brand preparation of coleus Forskohlii. There are currently clinical trials (double-blind studies) supporting weight loss claims associated with this supplement. Not all coleus Forskohlii has such support, only the brand name Forslean. This brand is from the Sabinsa Corporation. The official website warns dieters to stay from products claiming to have the same effects as Forslean.

Black pepper extract or Bioperine does not have muscle building or metabolism boosting effects. It does, however, help Forslean and Testofen absorb more quickly and thoroughly.

None of the ingredients in Bronson Laboratories Metabolic Gain are proven to increase muscle mass in a bodybuilding sense. There are several proven supplement ingredients that help boost lean muscle, but that is not the same as building muscle mass. Bodybuilders typically need protein and prohormones to build muscle. Protein is common but most prohormones are illegal in the United States.

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  • No illegal ingredients are used in the supplement.
  • Ingredients are listed online.
  • Two of the ingredients are proven to have a positive effect on weight loss.


  • None of the ingredients are prohormones.
  • The ingredients are not stimulants so they will not significantly increase metabolism or weight loss.


Forslean and Testofen have clinical studies backing weight loss and lean muscle mass claims. We doubt the weight loss as a result of taking Bronson Laboratories Metabolic Gain will be significant nor do we believe the bodybuilder or dieter will build massive muscles. We do believe the company made the correct choice when choosing branded, proven ingredients. It seems the supplement is a mixture of two different specialty supplements, which could be confusing. Dieters who want to lose weight will typically look for a fat burner and bodybuilders a gainer.

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