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Bronson Laboratories manufactures products such as vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements. Their motto is “Purity. Potency. Quality.”  This slogan is one they aim to meet by carrying only products which are formulated, manufactured and packaged in their own facilities. This is done in order to avoid cheap generic products or knock-offs of better known formulas. According to the company’s website, Bronson Laboratories is world’s most recommended brand, with over 25,000 professionals using their products internationally.

Product Features

Bronson Laboratories is an American company with an international reach. The rigorous guidelines applied by domestic testing and labeling agencies means that customers can be assured that the products meet a certain standard of safety. Bronson Laboratories has a product list of over 400 items including amino acids, brain health supplements and vitamins for dogs. Their best selling products include supplements like garlic pills and joint support supplements. The company’s official website is a solid resource for information about various supplements. Products are described in detail, there is a customer support option and also a Wellness Center where clients can find answers to specific health questions. Available testimonials from customers were positive. Costs for products vary depending on item and amount but they seem generally affordable.

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  • Bronson Laboratories carries over 400 products.
  • There are positive testimonials on the official website from both medical professionals and regular customers.
  • The company’s official website is well laid out and provides complete information for its products.


  • The products from Bronson Laboratories are created, tested and marketed form one central source, which allows for limited oversight.


There are literally hundreds of vitamin and supplement retailers on the Internet.  In that crowded field Bronson Laboratories gives every impression of being a reputable and quality company. They have been in business over 40 years, a good sign that their customers are satisfied with the products and services they receive. Should one of their products meet your needs; you could most likely purchase from them with confidence.

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6 User Reviews about Bronson Laboratories

  • 1
    deborah gambit

    are bronsons vitamins and products as unpolluted and solvent free as when dr clark tested them?


  • 2
    Sandi Keeling

    I have received another consignment of 3 Drops of which I have not ordered.
    As it was a complete failure, I am returning forthwith and would ask that my credit card be recompensed. Thank you.


  • 3
    Janice Chadola

    Wonderful company. Honest. If make a mistake and send wrong product, they fix it instantly, not questions asked. Love Perfect Probiotic but with it was less expensive.


  • 4
    Beverly Berg

    I recently purchased 1000 mg sustained release vitamin c and it literally passes through my system untouched. NO disolving at all. May I send it back and ask that you replace it with a vitamin c product that is more bioavailable? Is there a liquid or do you have a solution for me? I am grateful for an answer….thank you, Beverly Berg


  • 5
    Rosemary Fears

    I just received another package of 3 Drops from you.

    This product did not work and I strongly feel it made the condition worse.

    I did not order this and have returned the package.

    Please remove me from any furture mailing or contact.


  • 6

    After consuming 5 bottles of Vital Joint Solution for my arthritic knees,it was a woeful failure. Still,I will give Bronson another chance by sending me the 3-month supply of Cholestol Balance DG.You have my Visa details.
    Pls confirm by email.