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Brooke Siler is a personal trainer, fitness and pilates instructor, and author that has written several books, including The Pilates Body, Your Ultimate Pilates Body Challenge, and The Pilates Body Kit. She also has produced a DVD called Element Pilates Weight Loss for Beginners. Her fitness studio in New York has an official website with a biography and several testimonials by famous celebrities who have used her fitness plans. Testimonials on her studio’s website include Hollywood star Kirsten Dunst and model Amber Valetta. She has also reportedly advised Liv Tyler and Julia Stiles on their fitness programs. There are also several articles available online that discuss her fitness programs and books.

Product Features

The books written by Brooke Siler teach many exercises for beginners through regular exercisers that may assist in muscle toning, increased metabolism and weight loss. The topics range from exercising at the gym, at home, on the mat and virtually anywhere else. The current prices for her books range from $4.00 to $17.40 new from online booksellers.

Brooke Siler’s 2000 book The Pilates Body teaches many pilates exercises with illustrations for beginners. The Pilates Body Kit was published in 2003 and includes 2 audio CD’s. Her 2005 book Your Ultimate Pilates Body Challenge includes information on applying pilates to several health conditions, using common exercise equipment such as elliptical and treadmills, exercises you can do at home or on a mat, and exercises you can do while sitting, standing or virtually anywhere else.

Brooke Siler’s fitness studio re:AB in New York also offers workshops, classes and fitness teaching certification.


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  • Brooke Siler’s books and DVD’s are easily purchased from several online booksellers or from her studio’s official website.
  • The exercises suggested by Brooke Siler have numerous customer testimonials, including several celebrities famous for their healthy physiques.
  • Brooke Siler’s workshops and classes can be registered for online.



  • The prices for Brooke Siler’s workshops and classes are not easily located from her studio’s official website.
  • Brooke Siler’s books offer many common pilates exercises that are easily learned from other sources.
  • Brooke Siler’s workshops and classes are only available in New York City
  • Brooke Siler’s workshops and classes offer many common exercises methods and pilates poses that are also available from commonly available fitness classes offered at almost any gym.



Brooke Siler is a fitness instructor and author who has trained several female celebrities including Kirsten Dunst and Amber Valetta. The official website of Brooke Siler’s fitness studio in New York offers classes and workshops, books, teacher certifications and apparel. Her books are easily purchased online and offline from retailers or from her studio’s website. There are many enthusiastic customer testimonials on the website. However, many of her exercises appear to be common pilates exercises that can be learned from other sources.>

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