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BTF-X (Bally Thermogenic Formula) is an ephedra-free thermogenic dietary supplement made by Bally Total Fitness. The official website of Bally Total Fitness has no mention of this product. BTF-X claims to enhance weight loss when combined with a healthy diet and exercise regimen. BTF-X are not regulated by the FDA, so the lack of an official website for this product, or a comprehensive list of ingredients is even more worrisome, as consumers will need to research each ingredient on their own to check its safety and effectiveness. Your primary doctor should always be consulted before beginning any weight loss program or taking new supplements.


BTF-X is sold by several online retailers for $47.98 for a 2-pack of 120-capsule bottles. There do not appear to be any money-back guarantees of this product by the company, nor are there free samples available. Bally Total Fitness also has numerous online complaints from past customers regarding its practices at its fitness centers.

List of Ingredients

Ingredients include: chromium, carnitine, guarana (contains caffeine), green tea (contains caffeine), bitter orange. Other ingredients are unknown.

Product Features

BTF-X is a thermogenic supplement, which means its intended effect is to increase metabolism and body temperature to help burn fat more quickly. Since ephedra has been banned by the FDA, most thermogenic supplements contain a combination of caffeine and bitter orange (aka citrus aurantium), which contains synephrine and octopamine. Both synephrine and octopamine has effects to the body that are similar to ephedra. While synephrine is not currently banned by the FDA, it is known to have many of ephedra’s negative side effects, including raising heart rate and blood pressure. With bitter orange, you may develop migraines, fainting, and potentially deadly stroke and heart attack. Furthermore, of the known ingredients in this product, two of them contain caffeine, which is known to increase energy and alertness, but is also addictive and can increase the likelihood of all of the aforementioned dangerous side effects.


Customer reviews of this product have noted that it does help to burn fat when combined with a good diet and exercise. Some customers also commented that the amount of caffeine was too high, causing their heart rates to raise alarmingly. In addition to selling BTF-X, Bally Total Fitness also offers memberships to its fitness centers.


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  • BTF-X is readily available from online retailers.
  • BTF-X may be effective in burning fat when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.
  • BTF-X encourages a healthy diet and exercise.
  • There are many customer reviews of this product available online.



  • There are no comprehensive list of ingredients for BTF-X products, so customers cannot research the ingredients for safety and effectiveness.
  • There is no mention of this product on Bally Total Fitness’ official website.
  • There are many dangerous side effects of ingredients in this supplement, including raised heart rate and blood pressure, which could lead to heart attack or stroke.
  • There are no guarantees of this product or free trial samples, so customers have no way to ensure the products’ effectiveness without buying them.


BTF-X is an ephedra-free thermogenic supplement which is currently not banned by the FDA, however the ingredients in BTF-X will cause many of the same dangerous side effects for which the FDA banned ephedra. This product is not regulated by the FDA, the full ingredients are not disclosed and the official website makes no mention of this product. Furthermore, there are no money-back guarantees on the effectiveness of its products or free samples. The customer reviews available about this product claim it may be effective at burning fat, but has many dangerous side effects. You should always consult your primary doctor before taking any weight loss supplements.

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