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BugreLife, “the weight loss secret from Brazil” offers the user a full range of benefits – faster metabolism, appetite suppression, better circulation, increased energy, an improved immune system and improved confidence and self-esteem. BugreLife is made exclusively of Cha de Bugre, a small South American plant referred to as “coffee of the woods” which is said to have been used for centuries by the people of Brazil to control weight, treat arthritis and cure the common cold. By taking one pill 2 times a day the user is promised weight loss of up to 20 pounds in a month “with no exercise at all”.


500 mg Cha de Bugre

Product Features

BugreLife is a supplement that promises to use native South American ingredients to encourage fast and lasting weight loss. Trading on the Brazil reputation as home to beautiful thin beachgoers, BugreLife offers an array of benefits for those seeking quick diet results as well as online testimonials to back up those claims; although it can be noted that there are no clinical studies or research sited. The lone ingredient in BugreLife, Cha de Bugre, has gained hype as a weight loss tool, but that seems to be primarily because of its mild diuretic properties. Available on a few obscure websites for about $1.00 a capsule, BugreLife does not offer free samples to allow the consumer to “try before they buy”.

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  • BugreLife contains only one ingredient.
  • Bulk purchases of BugreLife are available as a cost cutting option.
  • BugreLife offers a money back guarantee.


  • BugreLife is difficult to find online, being offered by only a few obscure websites, a number of which have shown up on scam alerts.
  • BugreLife makes a number of elaborate claims that are impossible to substantiate, no clinical evidence or research is offered.
  • The weight loss results with BugreLife seem to be primarily from its diuretic properties.
  • There are no free samples available for BugreLife.


BugreLife is one of many supplements new to the market that trade on the exotic appeal of Brazil to convince users that it’s native ingredients contain the secret to fast and lasting weight loss. As with any supplement which offers sweeping claims from improved immune systems to radically changed mental conditions, BugreLife may be too good to be true. Certainly its presence on a number of “scam alert” websites should give the consumer cause to be cautious. Anyone looking for a supplement with proven weight loss properties, backed up by clinical research, would be better off looking elsewhere.

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